July 24, 2021

Kim Jong-un calls for “diplomatic and military responses”

The North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, has urged in an important assembly of the single party to adopt “diplomatic and military responses” to preserve the security of the country at a time marked by the possibility that Pionyang chooses to break the dialogue with the United States .

On the third day of the fifth plenary meeting of the current Central Committee of the Workers’ Party Kim urged training members to “prepare positive and offensive responses in the political, diplomatic and military fields to firmly preserve the sovereignty and security of the country “, according to the agency KCNA.

On this third day of the plenary, held on Monday in Pionyang, the leader also encouraged those present to strive to convert the Workers Party into a formation “full of vitality and vigor.”

State propaganda indicated that the meeting “continues”, indicating that another session will be held today Tuesday.

It is very unusual for North Korea to hold an assembly of the Central Committee that lasts for so many days, which suggests that it is drawing up a new strategy to face its relationship with the United States.

The fourth session on Tuesday will also be held a day before Kim delivers his traditional New Year’s speech, in which he could throw clues about the position his regime will adopt regarding the denuclearization dialogue.

The conclave of the single party comes at a time of uncertainty over the possibility of Pionyang abandoning negotiations with the US. due to the lack of progress, since it is celebrated just before the expiration of the term proposed to Washington (until the end of the year) to present a new offer in the negotiation.

The disarmament dialogue has not progressed since the failed February summit in Hanoi, where the United States considered the North Korean offer regarding the dismantling of its nuclear assets insufficient and refused to lift economic sanctions.


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