July 31, 2021

Kills his partner, runs over her daughter and commits suicide

Kills his partner, runs over her daughter and commits suicide

The Mossos d'Esquadra have found dead, possibly hanged, the man who this afternoon has murdered his partner and He has run over her daughter in the street in Sant Joan les Fonts (Gerona) and that he had fled.

As reported by the regional police, the alleged perpetrator of the homicide, a 53-year-old man of Spanish nationality, has been found dead in the municipality of Montagut, a few kilometers from where he committed the crime.

Some sources point out that the man, who lived in Campdevànol (Gerona), he would have hanged himself to end his life.

This new episode of sexist violence took place at 3.30 pm, when the man shot his wife, a 48-year-old woman on the street.

After shooting the woman, the man has run over the victim's daughter with the car. is being treated for serious injuries in the Josep Trueta Hospital in Girona.

The Mossos have mounted immediately a police device to look for the author of the homicide, that has given with him few hours later.

Sant Joan les Fonts is a town of just 3,000 inhabitants of the region of La Garrotxa where the Witchcraft Fair is celebrated today with numerous visitors and different programmed activities.

After knowing the event, the municipality of Sant Joan les Fonts has canceled all festive programming and has decreed three days of mourning, in addition to calling a rally to support the victim's family at 7:00 p.m.

Sources of the investigation have confirmed that the alleged perpetrator of the homicide he had a relationship with his victim, although they have not been able to specify yet they maintained it or they had finalized it.



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