June 18, 2021

Killed by a knife in Entrevías

Killed by a knife in Entrevías

The National Police investigates a violent death that occurred this afternoon in Vallecas. The events took place after 7:00 p.m. on Calle Esteban Carros, 12, in Entrevías. Apparently, within the framework of A discussion originated by a dog, one or several individuals assaulted a third with a knife. The stab was the neck, so the situation was complicated from the start. The victim is Francisco D. C., 64 years old.

The call to 112 came shortly after. The Emergencies toilets of the Madrid City Council came to the place with a medicalized UVI and they found a man on the floor between a large pool of blood and who had entered cardiorespiratory arrest. After practicing CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) for more than half an hour, the doctors could only confirm the death of the man, Spaniard of 64 years. The Samur also attended on the spot to three other people. One with a cranial contusion and another with a knife wound on the head, both transferred to Infanta Leonor Hospital. The third had a cut on one finger and was discharged at the scene, according to a Samur spokeswoman.

The Homicide agents went to the place to investigate the event and also warned the judge on duty, in charge of authorizing the removal of the corpse. Apparently, it would be a brawl between gypsy clans and the place was full of altered family members. The agents were looking for a golden Seat Toledo with registration completed in CTV.


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