Kiko Rivera does it again: he sits this Saturday in the ‘Deluxe’, which already has a weapon against ‘La voz’

Kiko Rivera in the & # 039; Deluxe & # 039 ;.

Kiko Rivera in the ‘Deluxe’.

Yesterday ‘Save me’ announced the ‘bomb’ of ‘Deluxe’ for this weekend: Kiko Rivera sits down again to be interviewed in the program of La Fábrica de la Tele. His new visit caused a stir yesterday on the set of the program. “This time it will not be so easy,” Kiko Matamoros acknowledged. “He denied us but returns home”, added Carlota Corredera.

The truth is that the DJ had denied his role as a character from the world of the heart, he had faced a reporter who blew smoke in the face and He had declared war on Telecinco and specifically on ‘Save me’. However, and as happened on previous occasions, Isabel Pantoja’s son has not taken long to back down.

The new disagreement with his sister, Isa P, in addition to his anger with his cousin Anabel Pantoja As a result of the fact that she did not cancel her wedding after the death of Doña Ana, the grandmother of the three, these will be some of the issues to be discussed in the interview. Of course, the main course will be the rapprochement with his mother, Isabel Pantoja, a year after ‘Cantora: the poisoned inheritance’, when Kiko publicly denounced that the tonadillera would have kept part of her father’s inheritance.

With this interview Telecinco already has a powerful weapon against ‘La Voz’, which broke in last week on Saturday night to take the lead from ‘Deluxe’. History, therefore, could be repeated, since it was the specials of ‘Cantora’ with Kiko that snatched the talent from Antena 3 the first place.


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