Thu. Sep 19th, 2019

Kiko reveals the infidelity of Gloria Camila with two tronistas of 'MYHYV'

The breaking off of Kiko Y Gloria Camila still giving a lot to talk about. If yesterday it was assured in Save Me that the couple would have ended their relationship by a "disloyalty" of Kiko with Sofia Suescun, today it was Kiko himself who gave his version of the story. And he has done it live in Women and men and vice versa (
) where she confirmed that Gloria Camila was the one who unfaithful to the.

Also not on one occasion but in two. The collaborator of the Cuatro program has ensured that a few months ago he discovered that his girl had been unfaithful to him with a extronist of the program: Ravine. "They told me with hairs and signals", he assured very hurt during the broadcast of today's program.

Barranco, in 'MYHYV'

Barranco, in 'MYHYV'

"I have proof of that, I was on the island of Survivors Alone, the month I was there just saying 'Glory for you'. And she was in a debate, and she went with another one, "she said. "I do not invent it", he insisted before the watchful eye of Toñi Moreno who did not leave his astonishment. But the high point has arrived when Kiko has told that not only it would be an infidelity but two.

Although at first he did not want to reveal the identity of the other boy who would have had an affair with Gloria Camila, because "there are others there", he finally confessed that it's about Manu Lombardo, who would have Susana as a couple, too tronista of the program: "They have been the couple par excellence of the program, they have been together for 4 years. An idyllic love like mine with Gloria ", has finished.

Susana and Manu Lombardo

Susana and Manu Lombardo

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