April 14, 2021

Kiko Matamoros presents his girlfriend and stunning girlfriend – La Provincia

Kiko Matamoros comienza el 2019 con buen pie.

Kiko Matamoros has begun the 2019 in love. The collaborator said goodbye to 2018 on the idyllic beaches of the Caribbean thinking, perhaps, in what is now his girlfriend.

And is that if this week surprised all his colleagues in Sálvame announcing that he had a partner, this Friday he wanted the audience of his program to know the identity of his new partner.

She Her name is Cristina, she is 30 years old, It is from Albacete but it has Brazilian origins. Physically it has nothing to do with Makoke because she is very dark, something that leads her to look like the actress Angelina Jolie, ex-Brad Pitt, supposed romance of his ex-wife's youth. Chance?

What is clear is that Kiko is Loved this young 32 years younger than him"I am in love and absolutely convinced of what I feel, if she wants, I will present it to you in due course, it gives me happiness, tranquility and balance".

The arrival of Cristina to the life of Kiko Matamoros makes her supposed affair with Sofia Suescun pgrab a second plane. The collaborator seems to have found the stability and love that he longed for in this young man from La Mancha. Will we see you soon in your first public appearance? We hope it is.


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