Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

Kiko Matamoros confesses that his son Diego is 'shattered'

Until last night there were two victims collateral of the approach they are living in

Kiko Jimenez Y Estela Grande. And they were their respective partners. On the one hand Sofia Suescun, who went up to the house of Guadalix de la Sierra to see her boy before the expulsion. And on the other, Diego Matamoros, Estela's husband, who has preferred to move away from the media focus. Today, his father, Kiko Matamoros, has recognized that his son is “shattered"

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He has done this afternoon on the show Save me, where Kiko has talked about how her son Diego is living with the approach to Sofia Suescún's boyfriend. First, the Telecinco collaborator has said that he is “happy” to see Kiko Jiménez outside GH VIP 7
because "this is the end of speculation" that relates him to his daughter-in-law.

Diego Matamoros and his father

Diego Matamoros and his father

For Matamoros, that Kiko has been expelled will have something positive because "this way you stop the circus they had mounted". Asked about the mood of his son Diego, he has not hesitated to say that “my son is dusty” and that he tries to be “oblivious” to everything that is happening because he is “absolutely overcome” by the situation.

Apparently, as it was published yesterday in The vanguard, the intention of Diego Matamoros is to go on a trip: “It will be a few days out to detoxify a bit ”. It will undoubtedly be a way of placating the nerves since during the last weeks the “fooling around” between Kiko and Estela was so evident that even Sofia herself decided to break up with her boyfriend in the middle of a gala. "gh =" "vip =" "sof =" "suescun =" "acudi =" "al =" "plat =" "but =" "diego =" "matamoros =" "prefiri =" "no =" "do it ="

'GH VIP 7': Sofia Suescun went to the set but Diego Matamoros preferred not to do so
(Mediaset Spain)

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