Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

Kiko Jiménez's father asks for a second chance in 'Save me'

Kiko Jimenez is full of relevance for the altercation lived last Saturday with the Marbella police. His attempt to record them while requesting documentation from Sofia Suescun, his girlfriend, ended up with the ex-astronomer of Women and men and vice versa (MYHYV) in prison But not only that. Taking advantage of your media interest,
Save me
he has contacted with his father to reveal his past.

Fernando Martínez, father of Kiko Jiménez, spoke on Monday via telephone with the Telecinco evening program to confess how your paternofilial relationship is and how the extronist's childhood was of MYHYV after the separation of their parents. Will Kiko have anything to say about it?

Mother and grandparents pulled Kiko forward

As Kiko has already advanced in several moments, this separation marked both his childhood and adolescence, since his father “disappeared two months after Kiko was born, she ignored the care of her son and her mother was the one who took him forward ”commented Martinez. It was Kiko's grandparents who helped his mother to take care of him.

For that reason the relationship that both have, father and son, is nonexistent. The last time they saw each other was in 2009, although back then, "When I was twelve or fourteen, the relationship with him was very bearable". A closeness that is completely distant from the one he maintains with the mother of the MYHYV extronist, which he catalogs as “very distant”.

"I want him to explain why he says he has no father"

Nevertheless, Kiko's father has not hesitated to take the opportunity to talk to Save Me to send a message to his son: “I want to hear from him, talk to me, give me an explanation. I want to have a relationship with my son, to tell me and explain why he says he doesn't want to know anything about me, why he goes around saying he has no father"

And he sentenced: "What I wanted to know is why he has taken this distant road." And, that Kiko Jiménez affirms that he has no father is something that hurts Martinez greatly. “That hurts a lot. I'm going through it as I can"He concluded.

Sofia Suescun and Kiko Jiménez this Wednesday on vacation in Ibiza.

Sofia Suescun and Kiko Jiménez this Wednesday on vacation in Ibiza.

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