Thu. Dec 12th, 2019

Kiko Jiménez, fourth expelled from Big Brother

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He already has his room ejected. After a new gala full of tension, the Master Joao has had much more support and with 72.9% of the votes against, Kiko Jimenez has been the new expelled on a night in which he had to say goodbye to Wake and you have seen the faces with Sofia Suescun for the first time after entering Guadalix de la Sierra.

The gala has been marked by the relationship between Kiko Y Wake from beginning to end. Although the two contestants have defended only one friendship, Sofia Suescun, who has been in the house for almost the entire program, has not opined the same after watching several videos before reuniting with his partner, ensuring that "I am ashamed to say that he is my boyfriend and see that he is like that with another."

Sofía Suescun has reunited with Kiko in Guadalix de la Sierra

Sofía Suescun has reunited with Kiko in Guadalix de la Sierra

Maite Galdeano, mother of Sofia and who has been on set, has also been very disappointed with Kiko Jimenez, ensuring that he had recommended Sofia They will cut. Even Alba Carrillo He pointed out that Wake and the already expelled have a relationship that does not seem friendly, something that most members of the house have backed.

“You have been pure gold for the contest, a great contestant”

Already in the expulsion room, Kiko Jiménez, and with almost 73% of Votes against has become the fourth expelled from the contest but receiving two warm goodbyes. The first has been that of Jorge Javier Vazquez
, who stressed that "you have been pure gold for the contest, a great contestant", and the second one of Wake, who after a hug told him that "You are my Big Brother".

After knowing your goodbye to Guadalix de la Sierra, Kiko Jimenez has met again Sofia Suescun. The former contestant of
GH Duo
He has reproached him for his relationship with Wake, what Kiko He replied that he understood his position but that with whom he thought during this month has been with Sofia. Finally, there has been a kiss of a possible reconciliation.

The contestants of
have closed the sixth gala performing a new test, the set of chairs. The two winners have been Mila Ximenez Y Naomi Salazar, who have achieved immunity and the power of salvation. Finally, they haven't used it and Adara, Wake and Irene They have been the nominees in one night to remember.

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