Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

Kiko Jiménez, eleventh confirmed contestant of 'GH VIP 7'

It was an open secret. Kiko Jimenez, current boyfriend of Sofia Suescun and ex-boyfriend of Gloria Camila, the daughter of Rocío Jurado, is officially the eleventh
confirmed to enter
. The announcement came two hours and 45 minutes before the first official gala starts on Wednesday night where the rest of the participants are expected to meet.

Kiko Jimenez is not new in the realities of Mediaset and participated in Survivors
, precisely next to his then partner Gloria Camila, who ended up asking for marriage. Things for the couple did not work and after accusations of infidelity between them, Kiko separated from her partner to start a new relationship.

It was, precisely with Sofia Suescun, another of the faces of Mediaset and winner of two realities In the chain. Together they have starred in the summer soap opera with an alleged aggression including a police officer in Marbella, which would have cost the now contestant of GH VIP 7 spend a night in the dungeon and await trial.

So, for Kiko Jiménez joins the list of confirmed contestants: Mila Ximénez, El Cejas, Anabel Pantoja, Dinio García, Adara Molinero, Estela Grande, Noemí Salazar, Alba Carrillo, Nuria MH and Hugo Castejón. Is this listing missing some names that would have leaked by mistake in the program Save me: Irene Junquera and teacher Joao.

Kiko Jiménez, possible contestant of 'GH VIP 7'.

Kiko Jiménez, possible contestant of 'GH VIP 7'.

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