Kiko Hernández reappears in ‘Save me’ and reveals that she remains in the program

Kiko Hernandez.

Kiko Hernandez.

During the last weeks, rumors have circulated about the possible departure of Kiko Hernandez from ‘Save me’, a program of which he has been a part since their broadcasts began in 2009. However, the theories about his supposed abandonment could not be further from reality, as he himself has been in charge of making clear this Thursday.

The one who was a contestant on ‘Big Brother 3’ has returned to the set of ‘Save me’ this afternoon after enjoying a few days of vacation. A few hours before stepping back into the Mediaset studios, I shared a post on Instagram to clarify that does not consider abandoning the format of La Fábrica de la Tele.

“You go on vacation and you find headlines as pretty as ‘Kiko lets Save me’ or ‘Dispense with Kiko in Save me’. Anyway … “, drops the tertullian to deny that information. With his reappearance before the cameras, he has settled speculation about his future on television: “See you again this afternoon at ‘Save me’, I’ll wait for you”. So in the end ‘Save me’ does not lose one of its star collaborators unexpectedly, despite his publication on Instagram announcing a new work project.

The reality is that this work project exists, but it will not take him away from Telecinco and from ‘Save me’. Kiko Hernández will combine his work as a collaborator with a new job away from the spotlight. A few weeks ago he signed the contract for his “next work project”, as he announced on social networks. “A lot of enthusiasm and desire to start now”She added in the publication, where she received the support of colleagues such as Alba Carrillo, Laura Fa or Gema López.

This Wednesday, Semana magazine revealed that the member of ‘Save me’ is going to launch his own food brand: ‘The olives of Kiko Hernández’. In addition to being the founder, he will be in charge of lending his image to promote the product.

Without a doubt, a good marketing campaign that has generated expectationNot about the product, but about Kiko Hernández, an expectation that, now unveiled the mystery, is transferred to the product. Surely many readers are as eager to eat some olives from Kiko Hernández as he is to tackle his new job challenge.


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