Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020

Kiko Hernández almost leaks Carmen Borrego’s phone by mistake

Kiko Hernandez Y Carmen Borrego They are not going through their best stage. Both collaborators of
Save me

are seeing how their enmity is getting bigger and this Wednesday a ruling that was a contestant of Big Brother it almost takes its toll on the daughter of Maria Teresa Campos.

Everything has started from the words of Borrego in which He described Hernandez as a “bad person.” “He humiliated me and laughed at me, it is he who has harmed me the most,” said Maria Teresa Campos’ daughter. That is why during the issuance of Save meHernandez wanted to apologize for the tone of one of his words.

Even so, he also claimed that Borrego had tried to redo his friendship with him after granting Readings the exclusive in which he lashed out at him. “If you have done this out of necessity, I give your insults to me as well employed”, Kiko Hernández affirmed during the broadcast.

Then, He decided to call Carmen Borrego to treat him, but the answering machine jumped. A moment when they began to hear the numbers that complete the phone of the daughter of María Teresa Campos and that were being narrated live on Save me Through the speaker Just until Jorge Javier Vázquez realized.

“The phone!”

“The phone!”, the presenter exclaimed so that Kiko Hernández reacted and hung up the phone. Five numbers of Carmen Borrego’s mobile had been heard live and the tragedy was almost complete. However, he was saved by the rapid reaction of the space conductor and soon changed the subject to put an end to this story.

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