'Kika', 'Get off the Moor', 'La vida Alegre' and other films to remember Verónica Forqué

Veronica Forqué He passed away this Monday at the age of 66. The artist has participated in more than 40 films and has to her credit four Goya awards as an actress, a profession to which she could dedicate herself from the age of 17 and for which she never stopped feeling lucky. He started working with My dear lady (1972), by Jaime de Armiñán, for years later to become "Almodóvar girl" and reach stardom with What have I done to deserve this? from the director of La Mancha.

During the mid-1980s and early 1990s, Forqué became a highly sought-after face for comedy. The year of lightsby Fernando Trueba; Joyful lifeby Fernando Colomo; Moors and Christiansby Luis García Berlanga; Y Kika, by Pedro Almodóvar, were the performances that won him the most awards, although they are only some of a wide list for which the artist will always be remembered.


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