Kia decides a matched derby - La Provincia

CD Femarguín Spar beat yesterday by the minimum to CD Juan Grande (0-1) in the Grancanario derby, the first in the new Iberdrola Challenge League (Second Division). A loner of both Kiang-si at the beginning of the second part it was enough for Migdalia Rodríguez to take the three points of the municipal district of Juan Grande, filled to the flag.

Women's football today had a historic date. Both hobbies crowded the stands minutes before the first Grancanarian derby in the semi-professional category began. The neighbors of Juan Grande were summoned in the immediate vicinity of the field and the town doubled its population for 90 minutes, since the followers of Arguineguín encouraged their team from the other half of the stands.

Rubén López knew the importance of continuing without fitting at home and left with the team well armed in defense with Mariola, Arisleyda, Estefanía, Cora, Alba and Kim from behind. Migdalia Rodríguez, on the other hand, took an eleven offensive with Zaira, Eli, Kia and Evelyn up. The ball rolled five minutes late and both sets were tested during the first stages of the match.

The all-terrain Brenda warmed up with a distant shot that stopped Zenadia without problems. Kia and Evelyn tried to associate close to the area, but Juan Grande's defense cleared any visiting attempt. The madness broke out in the 15th minute with a goal from Kia to Zaira's pass that was overturned for offside.

Juan Grande had a hard time controlling the ball. The possessions, always far from the opposite field, did not endanger Beksy's goal. Mar Rubio could not connect with his teammates and Femarguín created danger with the theft of the ball in the center of the field.

The stands chanted and protested every action. Mar and Haridian saw yellow after a small touch in the 18th minute. The first half went by almost without danger. The clearest was for visitors through Kia. The end of the Femarguin was a dagger by the band and in one of its boarding schools it reached the corner of the small area. He decided to focus instead of knocking on goal and the ball went to Zenaida's hands.

Mogan artillery

Coraima touched the crossbar with a distant foul just before the referee finished the first 45 minutes. During the break, Migdalia Rodríguez ordered Astrid to warm up, who entered the second half through Nayara. Femarguín's technique put all his artillery on the grass to try to score the first goal in Juan Grande since the arrival of Rubén López to the local bench.

Evelyn, Astrid, Kia, Eli, Brenda and Zaira would test the defensive fort. Brenda was able to open the can in the first minute after an Eli center, but his shot went high. Then, Zaira receives the ball inside the area and gives the ball to Kia, who sent the ball to the bottom of the net with a tight shot to the short post. The sector of the stands of Femarguín exploded with the 0-1.

Juan Grande settled down after the goal and sought to approach the rival area, but Femarguín counterattacks threatened to sentence the match. Another in-depth pass found Kia's career, which tried to center the ball to Astrid without success while Evelyn bit her lip alone on the second stick.

Femarguín missed opportunities and Juan Grande pressed to find the equalizer. The moganeras were left with one less for the expulsion of Haridian for double yellow (77 '). Evelyn was able to make the 0-2 after a great individual play, with a spout included, but her shot crashed with the stick.

Juan Grande had his best chances in the final minutes. After a loose ball in the area Beksy made two consecutive stops to save the tie and Mariola wasted a clear chance in the discount alone against Beksy, again saving.


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