Keys to the impact of the closure of the US administration In Puerto Rico

Keys to the impact of the closure of the US administration In Puerto Rico

The partial closure of the US administration, about to reach a month, affects Puerto Rico, a territory of the North American country with thousands of officials and dozens of federal entities that suffer the consequences of the decision of President Donald Trump:

- More than 10,000 federal employees perform their work in Puerto Rico.

- Nearly 60 US federal agencies have a presence on the Caribbean island in all kinds of public life.

- The Tourism Company announced an agreement with the National Park Service (NPS) so that the San Felipe del Morro Castle and San Cristóbal Castle, two of the main tourist attractions on the island, will continue to operate on their schedule usual, while the partial closure of the Federal Government lasts.

- The representatives of the AFL-CIO - the main union of the United States - in Puerto Rico recognize that the situation of federal employees on the island is complicated due to the uncertainty due to the collection of their salaries.

- Union sources estimate that the closure of the Government has caused absenteeism that is difficult to quantify but does affect administrative positions.

- The officials of security agencies remain mostly in their positions, as required by the regulations.

- The Governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rosselló, acknowledged that the partial closure of the US Administration may complicate the disbursement of funds for the reconstruction works associated with the impact of Hurricane Maria.

- Part of the staff of the federal Department of Housing interrupted their work, which has delayed approval of the plan on the use of funds from the Community Development Grant for Disaster Recovery Program that is intended to alleviate the damages caused by Hurricane Maria

- FEMA, the agency that provides the most assistance to alleviate the effects of hurricane Maria, announced that its telephone helpline for Puerto Rico would remain open despite the closure.

- The possibility that thousands of federal employees do not collect their salaries is a new blow for the weakened economy of the Caribbean island.


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