July 11, 2020

Keys to maintain order and make Marie Kondo proud

We are facing the second weekend at home and after teleworking, hours of television, news, perhaps it is time to put order at home, but not like any weekend: in depth. The weekend with plenty of time is here.

Being at home permanently allows customs to relax, but that makes our mind more dispersed and deconcentrated.

The unmade bed, the breakfast still in the middle of the morning on the counter or the papers without filing, are not a life option, although the visits that we are going to receive are zero.

With some basic keys to keep in mind, even Marie Kondo, the guru of order, would be proud. Order carries with it psychological well-being, something evident and so necessary that we are now forgetting it and that, nevertheless, it can be easy to achieve, making our home, where we now spend so many hours, bring us peace and tranquility.

We don’t always have time to tidy drawers and clothes and kitchen cabinets and now it’s time to get down to it with a little energy.

The “coach” of the order, Alicia Iglesias, assures that it is not about “having a house like those that appear on Pinterest, practically perfect, in which it seems that nobody lives”, but to take advantage of these moments to realize that there are clothes that we haven’t worn for years, even that we haven’t even found in the closet, and decide what to do with it.

Iglesias has become a specialist in order and cleanliness at home, the basis on which she has created a blog and written a book; “Put your life in order.”

The method he proposes is 21 days, in which what is ordered first are the monthly menus. “After organizing the pantry, the fridge and the interior of the kitchen furniture, everything seems easier,” he says.

The use of natural or essential oils extracted from plants, flowers, herbs or trees, can help “relaxation” and “decrease stress” that this new situation may cause.

To get that house we all want to be in, Rosa Guerra, Leroy Merlin’s head of wardrobes and decorative products recommends letting natural light through the windows and enhancing it with colors in the bedding, curtains or textiles in the living room and walls.

“The order of the home is essential”, and advises to keep the rooms clear, “since the disorder causes mental fatigue” and influences our emotions, which is why it invites us to “get rid” of what is no longer needed.

At the moment, ordering as if we had modular furniture is the best option, especially in the youngest children’s room, where toys can be found at ease. It is time to use your imagination and make use of everything from empty cereal boxes to methacrylate bowls.

In the same way as with clothing, we accumulate excess kitchenware, dishes and glasses in the kitchen, and the time has come to ask if they are all necessary or if it is the best place where they are placed.

María Luisa Roldán, Curver’s manager, advises separating food by classes: preserves, liquids, legumes, an easy way to find them. The heaviest, below (bottles and carafes); the lightest and least used, above.

He recommends not keeping open food bags, “what is left over after the first use is better to keep in an airtight container”, and if they are transparent better, to know what is at first sight inside.

Rosa Guerra gives odors the courage to lift good spirits and recommends sage, rosemary and peppermint to put in the kitchen; lavender in the bathroom, bamboo for the living room or jasmine for the terrace.

Interior designer Laura Garna considers odor as one of the important factors in maintaining a pleasant atmosphere at home and favoring work at home, and therefore suggests using candles, scented cards or textile air fresheners.


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