Keys to choose a trusted dentist in Las Palmas

Tuesday, September 13, 2022, 09:49

The decision to visit the dentist varies. In general, we go for two reasons: preventive check-ups or an emergency that arises in the form of a dental problem. In any case, the decision to go to the dentist is not easy - especially if we do not yet have a trusted one. On the one hand, we find the famous fear of the dentist and on the other, the concern about the cost of the service. And yet, our teeth are a precious asset that must be pampered daily and only when we notice their absence do we realize that we could have done much more to take care of them.

In this article, we are going to summarize in four points the most important data that you must take into account when going to the dentist: specialization, technology, information and
first visit.

The figure of the dentist who does everything seems an image of the past - although, of course, some are still active and still in top form. Therefore, the
specialization It's going to be one of the first things we have to consider. Nowadays, with the appearance of the Dental Clinics, we find medical teams that are specialized in the different areas of dentistry: from
orthodontic specialists to professionals who are exclusively dedicated to surgery and dental implants. A multidisciplinary clinic is synonymous with a guarantee in the most complex treatments.

Second, technology is important. In our case, in the
Adalia Dental Clinicwe strive every day to try to be one of the best dentists in Las Palmas and for that purpose we not only surround ourselves with a first-class medical team, but we are always implementing the latest scientific knowledge to make the most advanced technology available to our patients. revolutionary and therefore the best solutions for your needs.

For this reason, all our cabinets have the most avant-garde technology: from high-definition projection systems in which the patient can easily view all the information and instructions given by the medical team; an iTero Element 5D Scanner, which is considered to be the most powerful intraoral scanner on the market or a dental implant robot that simulates the exact position of the implants before they are placed.

Third, it is very important to seek information about the dentist. It is comfortable to go to the one next to your house, but when it comes to the truth, the Internet and Social Networks are a very powerful tool when choosing a good dental clinic. The experiences of other users are highly valuable information and will give the measure of whether the Dental Clinic you are looking for meets your expectations.

Fourth, avoid surprises. Very low prices are usually high cost places. Therefore, it is important that on your first visit to the dentist they do a complete check-up of your mouth and present you with a very detailed estimate of the work to be done. Thus, on your first visit, you will know exactly the cost of your treatment. In addition, for this first visit to be complete, not only must a dentist see you but he must also perform all the necessary tests, whether it is a small X-ray of an area or, if necessary, a complete scan of your mouth.

This visit is the most important of all, since it is the first contact between the clinic and the patient. In Las Palmas there are dental clinics, among them Adalia Dental Clinic, which performs it free of charge. Therefore, you can obtain your final estimate, with x-rays (or scanner if necessary) at no cost.

Finally, I would not like to end these lines without reminding you that if you are still afraid of the dentist, it is because you have not been to the dentist for a long time. Today, science and technology have advanced in an exciting way. The patient can sit in a cabinet with virtual glasses and watch a movie or a concert while the dentist does his work. His job as a patient is to sit back and be quiet.

Getting a trusted Dental Clinic is basic. Do not miss the opportunity to check the state of your mouth and get a professional cleaning, at least once a year. Remember that it is never too late to make a decision.

Our patients see in Adalia Dental Clinic the professionalism and human quality of our team. We work every day to offer an excellent service to all our patients. Our medical team is made up of specialists who are leaders in specific treatments, which means greater professionalism that results in increased confidence on the part of the patient.

At Adalia, we can be very proud of having one of the best professional teams in Las Palmas, since we offer a specialized service that combines state-of-the-art technology and craft perfection.

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