April 14, 2021

Key triumph of San José Obrero in the Lanzarote derby

San José Obrero did his homework in the Lanzarote Guerreras Iberdrola women’s handball league derby, adding the two points against Puerto del Carmen (21-17) and leaving with eight in total to the phase for permanence. The local team controlled the match from start to finish, being fundamental for this their forcefulness in the defensive tasks to cancel the attack of their opponent.

San José Obrero came to rest of the insular rivalry game with an advantage of four goals (12-8). In the resumption, the clash continued to develop under the same script. But despite its dominance, the local team did not quite detach itself in the electronic with a reassuring difference.

Puerto del Carmen had several actions to put three goals down, but ran into goalkeeper Orowicz. From there, the locals reacted to end up winning by the result of 21-17.


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