August 5, 2021

Key role of private sector for agriculture highlighted during pandemic

The Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) highlighted on Tuesday the key role that the private sector plays in the development of agriculture and food security, at a time when the world is experiencing the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It is the ideal time to unite the continent and rethink the paradigms of our agriculture. The private sector is key to promoting science-based decisions, investing in innovation and development, digitizing agriculture and strengthening the necessary alliance between agriculture and nutrition”, IICA Director General Manuel Otero said in a statement.

Otero held this Tuesday in a video conference with executives of companies in the agri-food industry with a global presence, in order to analyze joint actions and establish coordination mechanisms that allow Latin America and the Caribbean to overcome the challenges for food security that it imposes. the coronavirus pandemic.

The parties agreed that teamwork with the public sector would be key for producers to have access to technological tools to strengthen food security in each nation after the pandemic.

The companies participating in the meeting work in areas such as production, marketing and agricultural innovation, which were summoned by IICA to form part of the accompaniment that the organization provides to the ministers of Agriculture of America and the Caribbean.

This accompaniment includes the provision of relevant information to support decision-making related to food supply in the countries.

The representatives of the industry exposed as priorities the support and maintenance of value chains, the support for small producers, the need to keep distribution channels active and the protection of workers, among others.

“Faced with the challenges facing the agri-food chain in this crisis, IICA’s leadership in promoting public-private dialogue in the search for joint solutions that guarantee normal food supplies to the population is of utmost importance,” he commented in the statement the global vice president of Public Affairs of the Danone company, Facundo Etchebehere.

IICA Deputy Director Lloyd Day stressed that it is necessary to work together with the private sector to ensure that the agri-food value chain works efficiently and achieves the objective of bringing food to the entire population.

“We are witnessing a great transformation in the sector and we must take advantage of it to produce in a more sustainable way, an objective for which innovations from the private sphere will be essential,” he said.


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