Sun. Feb 24th, 2019

Kevin Hart renounces to present the Oscars for his past homophobic jokes | Culture

Kevin Hart renounces to present the Oscars for his past homophobic jokes | Culture

In just two days the comedian Kevin Hart has gone from present the Oscars to fall victim to their own jokes and be forced to give up one of the works of the year for an artist. Hart announced this Thursday night that he is waiving the 2019 Film Academy Awards for "not being a distraction," after social media reminded him of a series of homophobic jokes he made early in his career. Hart has apologized and said he is "evolving."

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Hart himself had announced on Tuesday that he would be the host of the Oscars. Hart is a very popular comedian in the United States who has recorded several specials stand-up and recent comedies like Jumanji Y go hard. "For years they have asked me if I would ever present the Oscars," he said in a message on Instagram. Hart declared himself "hallucinated" to achieve one of the objectives of his life.

Hart's scrutiny began immediately and in a few hours the social networks were reminding the comedian of his tendency to make homophobic jokes in the past. Hart made the audience laugh by telling how he was terrified that his son could be homosexual and watched what toys he played with. Those same jokes he made on social networks years ago. The search for old tweets hit with several messages homophobes. Some of them were deleted in the last hours.

On Thursday morning, Hart posted two videos on Instagram. In one said that he had received a call from the Academy telling him that he had to apologize for those tweets or they would have to look for other options, according to Hart. "Step of the apology," he said, arguing that he had already responded on this subject many times and could not always be returning to the past. I told the Academy that if they wanted to find another, they understood it and had no problem. In the other video I asked "Stop looking for reasons to be negative" and counted his overwhelmed by the pressure that they were moving.

Finally, on Thursday night Hart announced that I gave up the job of presenting the 2019 Oscars. "I made the decision not to do the Oscars this year ... this is because I do not want to be a distraction on a night that should be a party for so many amazing artists. I sincerely apologize to the LGBTQ community for my insensitive words in the past. In a second message he said: "I'm sorry to have hurt some people. I'm evolving and I want to continue doing it. " To the Academy of the Oscar said: "I hope we can meet again."

This is already the second announcement-controversial-rectification sequence that lives the 91st edition of the Oscars. In August, the Academy announced that it intended to create a new category to the "most popular" movie. With this prize, he intended to include movies with a lot of box office pulls that are sometimes discarded in the voting process, and in this way recover part of the television audience. After a storm of criticism, the Academy decided discard the idea.


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