July 24, 2021

Ketama returns because he wants and because he can | Culture

Ketama returns because he wants and because he can | Culture

Those of Ketama they say that they come back because they want. Also, it could be added, because they can. The two brothers Antonio and Juan and their cousin Josemi, Ketama, have concluded a separation that lasted almost 15 years and that they never gave for definitive. On Saturday night, in Granada and surrounded by 2,000 people and an exceptional group of musicians, Ketama showed that they can still transmit joy and flamenco, from the orthodox if they are put, to fusion, their original and genuine product. They have ahead, at least, a score of concerts that will take them until September from auditorium to auditorium.

The start of tour in Granada, Josemi wanted to make clear, is "a musical reunion, not personal, because we have always been together." There is no doubt that the appointment with the public had the Carmona altered. Or in the words of Antonio himself, "with more nerves than the host." And to the public, eager to see and hear them. If the exit of Juan and Josemi was very applauded, the one of Antonio, that was saved to leave the last one to the scene, multiplied the applause, showing the desire of reunion of the people with the trio. From there, a repertoire that started with the jazz flamenco of Karta song and came to delirium with a party end in the purest Ketama style of 1995.

Loco de amor, Fleur de lis Y We are not crazy they are linked at the end to create a concert end full of energy and with the audience turned on and wanting to move about 25 years ago. A two-hour concert that covers the group's history with its latest album, From aki to Ketama 2019, as the central axis. But not everyone who attends this tour will see and hear exactly the same. The Ketama are more than sociable people who always know someone there where they land, so every appointment of the tour will probably have the icing on the cake of a friend on stage. In Granada it was an almost family affair, with the rise of Pepe Habichuela, father of Josemi. With his guitar and Josemi's guitar, plus Juan's lute, they gave the audience a beautiful bulería. Also Kiki Morente, scion of Enrique, went on stage made a brush and elegant as few to, half with Antonio, offer a I will live very flamenco.

The Granada concert had some imbalances. In scene still missing grease the mechanism of inputs, outputs and what comes next. On the other hand, the voice of Antonio has arrived at this first date somewhat resentful after a trip from Argentina. However, the choirs of Antonio and Manuel Montes, the mellis, they supplied the setback well. Another thing that has become clear in the return of Ketama to the stages is that they are very dear and that they know how to return the love. That's what Antonio is for, who did not stop giving kisses right and left and who dared to walk around the auditorium while he was singing.

Ketama starts tour wrapped by an exceptional team of musicians. Very flamenco and very caribbean. And the three Carmona are not far behind. You can see that what they really like is playing instruments. Antonio has a great time with percussion and Juan and Josemi have achieved a mastery with the guitar that impresses. It seems that they have spent almost 15 years of separation playing ten hours a day to get where they have arrived. They both love the touch and that's why the concert includes two guitar solos that thrill the audience and that, in the case of Josemi, is sublime.

The brothers and Cousin Carmona have returned as they left, but wiser and more musicians. And a tad more adults, if not what they were going to dedicate twenty years ago several songs to their daughters, as they have done in Granada Juan and Josemi. That is also his concert, an emotional journey through his career but in the opposite direction. They start serious and end with a jarana that leaves a good aftertaste. The Ketama do know how to make a party.


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