June 14, 2021

Ken Norris passes the baton to guitarist Yul Ballesteros in the new season of Jazz Rincn

Ken Norrisopened this weekend the new season of theJazz Cornerwith which he said to be "a very special appointment for him". Norris confess that he had come twice on vacation to the south of Gran Canaria, but that it was the first time he was on the island. After the concert he said he was happy and very excited about the acceptance of the audience and the magic that had been created. "You can tell that it's a public that understands, that is used to listening to jazz, values ​​what musicians are capable of doing with their instruments and the truth is that I felt very comfortable, created a very special atmosphere". With respect toAlfredo Kraus Auditoriumits acoustic value and the initiative to turn a concert hall into a jazz club with tables and chairs, where the public can drink something while enjoying the music. "In Germany, where I live, we have old theaters converted into cabarets and jazz clubs, but in a modern auditorium it's the first time I've seen it … The Jazz Corner, I think it's a fantastic idea." On the rest of the poster of this new edition he was sure that they would enjoy as much as he did and admitted that "participating in theJazz Corner, a cycle with such tradition and quality, was an experience that I would recommend to any musician ".

Yul Ballesteros, on the other hand, talked about the "enormous responsibility that implies acting after a talent like Ken Norris, of a performance of so much level" but at the same time it is "always exciting to return to the Rincn del Jazz and more, in this occasion, in I will be accompanied by Canarian musicians with whom I have been preparing this project for some time ".

The Rincn del Jazz will be completed withYul Ballesterosand theCanarian Quintet, on February 2; the New Yorker Shayna Steele act on March 8; while the quartet Gaia Cuatro accompanied by the trumpeter Paolo Fresu will do it on April 13. In May, there will be a double session on May 3 and 4 with the American Aubrey Logan accompanied, this time, by the local Perink Big Band; and on June 8 to be the meeting with the pianist and composer Nitai Hershkovits.

In addition, as happened last year, theAlfredo Kraus Auditoriumhas designed a series of tickets to attend several of the cycle concerts with advantages in terms of the price of the ticket. Thus, if tickets are purchased for 4 of the six proposed dates, the price of the ticket is 50 euros; 60 euros in the case of 5 concerts and 75 euros, if the complete package of the first six concerts of 2019 is acquired. The subscription and tickets can be purchased at the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium and the TheaterPrez Galds, in its usual schedule as well as in the web pages of both institutions.


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