July 3, 2020

Keiko Fujimori will be questioned by the prosecutor of Peru after the banker's offense

Peruvian opposition leader Keiko Fujimori will be questioned next Monday by prosecutor José Domingo Pérez, following the statement of banker Dionisio Romero that he handed him 3.6 million dollars for his 2011 campaign, the magistrate reported Tuesday of an audience.

The interrogation of Fujimori will be on November 25 at the Chorrillos women's prison, where he is serving preventive detention for 18 months due to the investigation of the alleged contributions of the Brazilian company Odebrecht to its 2006 and 2011 campaigns.

Pérez told reporters that on Monday he will approach the Chorrillos prison to receive Keiko Fuijimori's statement, after having known his defense position, shared on his social networks, following the statements of Romero, chairman of the board of the Credicorp group.


The former presidential candidate said yesterday, on Twitter, that she did not speak before about that millionaire donation for fulfilling "the commitment" she assumed to maintain "the reserve of private campaign contributions."

"It was a commitment that I assumed and I have respected until the last consequences," he said before saying that what Romero declared "confirms" the version that his then campaign manager Jaime Yoshiyama gave about the money received by Fuerza Popular in the 2011 campaign.

"Time is the best friend of the truth: I never received money from Odebrecht and there was never money laundering. I hope that all this is clarified to the smallest detail in the judicial process but with due process and as it corresponds in my case, in freedom "said Fujimori.


However, prosecutor Pérez, who investigates Fujimori and the leadership of his party for money laundering, said Romero's statements allow "to prove a criminal modality", which was executed through the 'pitufeo', which was the use of small deposits of money through "false contributors to hide information from the electoral control entity".

In addition, he recalled that "undeniable that there is a version that was given by the investigated, to deny the receipt of cash," which has been denied by Romero in his statement yesterday before the Prosecutor.


Dionisio Romero revealed on Monday to the prosecutors of the Lava Jato case in Peru that he contributed $ 3.65 million in cash to the 2011 presidential campaign of Keiko Fujimori, on the grounds that "Peru had become a crucial objective for (the deceased former Venezuelan President Hugo) Chavez and candidate Ollanta Humala picked up this ideology in his government program 'The Great Transformation'. "

In an interview with the newspaper El Comercio, Romero added Tuesday that he personally offered economic support to Keiko Fujimori and that the amount "was brewing to the extent" they saw "how the candidate financed by Venezuela rose in the polls" , in reference to Humala, also investigated for contributions from Odebrecht.

Fujimori was present in some of the deliveries of the money, in cash and in briefcases, and that came, according to Romero, of the "money of the shareholders".


Following these statements, Humala also responded through Twitter that in "2006 we face those who believed themselves owners of Peru. The '12 apostles' who together with Alan García created the ghost of Chavismo. With the same slogan, 2011 financed to Fujimori, they threw independent journalists and bought editorial lines. "

"We fight against them, against their prejudices, and overcome them," added the former governor (2011-2016) in reference to the 2011 elections, in which he defeated Keiko Fujimori after losing in the second round of 2006 to Alan García.

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