Keiko Fujimori says she is "confused" with the times of Justice in Peru

Keiko Fujimori says she is "confused" with the times of Justice in Peru

Opposition leader Keiko Fujimori, who is serving a preventive detention order for 36 months against her, said today she was "puzzled" by the terms of the Justice in Peru, referring to her waiting for a decision on her appeal to the measure.

Within hours of celebrating Christmas, Fujimori, who is being investigated for the alleged commission of money laundering crimes during her presidential campaign in 2011, said in a letter posted on Twitter that, despite the waiting time, she remains "with the intact faith "of being able to be with his family.

"The prison is really hard, especially because of the separation and absence of those we love the most," said Fujimori, who has been in prison since last November.

In that line was also expressed last Sunday his husband, the American nationalized Peruvian Mark Vito, who said he remains hopeful that the Appeals Chamber approve the release of his wife in the coming hours and can spend Christmas at home.

The Second National Appeals Chamber reported last Thursday that due to the heavy workload it has, it has not yet issued the ruling on Fujimori's appeal, but that it will do so within a reasonable time.

The anti-corruption Prosecutor's Office maintains that Fujimori was aware that his party received undeclared funding from some companies, such as Brazil's Odebrecht, and that they sought false contributors to register the money under his name.

The defense of the exlegisladora also appealed his preventive detention assuring that there is no danger of escape in his case because Keiko has faced the Justice for 18 years, when his father, the exmandatario Alberto Fujimori, resigned by fax to the presidency of Peru from Japan.

The resolution on the appeal must be issued within the next few days.


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