Keiko Fujimori, "grateful" after her release for the solidarity shows

Keiko Fujimori, "grateful" after her release for the solidarity shows

Peruvian opposition leader Keiko Fujimori affirmed today that she is "grateful" for the solidarity shown during the week she remained in preventive arrest, after a Peruvian court today accepted her appeal and ordered her immediate release.

After the judicial decision, Fujimori briefly addressed the journalists who were waiting outside the court, accompanied by her husband, the American Mark Vito Villanela.

She considered that this is a moment to "reflect" and said to be "grateful, in spite of the injustice, with so many expressions of solidarity".

The leader of the Popular Force party, which has the majority caucus in Congress, said that her detention has led her to think about what can be done "to prevent this from happening with other people."

After thanking his relatives, he said that on Thursday he will make a "legal" assessment of his detention.

By unanimous vote, the Second Appeals Chamber of the National Criminal Chamber today accepted the appeals filed by Fujimori and five other detainees, ordered the annulment of the provisional detention to which they were subjected and ordered their immediate release.

Last Wednesday, Judge Richard Concepcion Carhuancho ordered the arrest of Fujimori and another 19 people in the context of an investigation for money laundering linked to the irregular financing of that political formation.

The resolution was greeted with tears of joy by Keiko Fujimori, who had previously requested that she be released on the grounds that the arrest was "a clear violation" of the due process and her presumption of innocence.

After the arguments of the defense and the Prosecutor's Office, the court decided to take six hours to adopt a resolution, which was announced while outsiders were demonstrating followers and opponents of Fujimori, who had to be separated by the police to avoid a confrontation .

The Prosecutor's Office investigates Keiko Fujimori and Fuerza Popular for allegedly laundering the campaign for the presidential elections of 2011, allegedly having disguised large donations of money whose origins may be unlawful with fictitious contributions.

In this irregular financing may be the million dollars that Odebrecht claimed to have delivered to support the nomination of Fujimori to the Presidency of Peru, in a vote that he lost on that occasion to Ollanta Humala.


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