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Keanu Reeves redecorates the main square of Montevideo

Although he is not known as a landscaper, the renowned "Matrix" actor Keanu Reeves has redecorated the main square of Montevideo, which is now seen as never before, with part of the monument to the Uruguayan hero José Artigas covered with green cloth and his green lawn completely removed.

Designed by the Italian architect Carlos Zucchi in 1837 in order to connect the old fortified city of Montevideo with the new city, which expanded eastward from the walls of the Citadel, the Plaza Independencia is until now a central point of Montevideo.

The historic square, which since 1923 has a monument of Artigas on horseback designed by the Italian Angel Zanelli that is around 17 meters high in the center and from where they are surrounded by the Executive Tower (Presidency headquarters) and the Salvo Palace , experience since the beginning of September multiple changes.

The reason is the filming of the megaproduction "Conquest", a Netflix series produced by Keanu Reeves and Gabriela Rosés, who already filmed in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo, and chose Montevideo for some scenes.

For this, the interventions in the square, the main location chosen for filming in the city, range from the application of paint on the surrounding street and the removal of signage, bushes, flowers and grass to the transit cut of vehicles in the area, as detailed by the local producer Salado.

Along these lines, the interim prosecutor of the Municipality of Montevideo (IM), Ramiro Pallares, explained on Friday to Efe that although the square has served to shoot various commercials, including one that had the participation of actor Hugh Jackman, there is no precedent for one as well as the one that will roll from September 14 to 16.

Pallares pointed out that he does not remember that there has been an intervention "as strong" as the one that is taking place in space and wielded that the preparations for it began in April and required intensive work from the various areas of the IM.

Anyway, the official said that all changes, which will then be reversed to return the square to its original image, were made to satisfy production but according to the rules that govern public space.

"What the art of the series requires is that there is no green, so that also one of the original proposals that the producer made was that the palm trees should not be either and since the IM's technical reports it was stated that they cannot be take out, that's why they are lined with green chroma, "he exemplified.

On the other hand, Pallares stressed that although the reaction to the changes on the part of the citizens, many of them surprised by the new panorama in the space through which they pass daily, was generally positive, interventions of this scale in an emblematic space of the city always generate discomfort.

In any case, he clarified that from the point of view of the Uruguayan audiovisual industry receiving a production of this level marks a very important milestone, since it also generates sources of work and projects the country outside borders.

According to the Salado producer, megaproduction, which was installed in Uruguay under the Uruguay Audiovisual Program promoted by the country's Executive, will generate a thousand jobs in extras, in hospitality, security, catering and transportation.

Filming is supported by the IM, the Uruguayan Presidency, the Ministries of Education and Culture and Industry, Energy and Mining and the Uruguay XXI investment and export promotion agency, among others.

Alejandro Prieto

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