Katy Perry endorses one of the Beatles classics

Singer Katy Perry.

Katy Perry has recorded a version of the classic by the Beatles ‘All You Need Is Love’ which has just been shared by the American artist’s team on digital platforms as part of an advertising campaign for solidarity purposes.

As she herself has recounted in an interview with the magazine ‘People’, it so happens that with only 16 years the singer and songwriter worked in her hometown, the Californian city of Santa Bárbara, in one of the shops of the Textile brand whose Christmas spot has now been set to music. “My dream then was to make that playlist I was listening to in the store. Little did I know that 20 years later I would star in one of their iconic ads. It’s a rite of passage and I was able to do a cover of a Beatles song, “the artist celebrated.

Perry, actually called Kate Hudson (Santa Bárbara, 1984), has acknowledged that it has taken “a while” to prepare this tribute to the ‘Fab Four’ for the entity of the same and for being one of your favorite songs of the British band. Those responsible for the campaign will also allocate $ 1 for each reproduction achieved by their version of ‘All You Need Is Love’ to an organization called Baby2Baby that assists children in poverty.

Following the low-impact release in 2001 of a first work under her real name, the artist changed her artistic alias to Katy Perry and began a meteoric rise with the album ‘One of the Boys’ (2008). Especially successful were his second album, ‘Teenage dream’ (2010, which equaled Michael Jackson’s record of five number 1s on his country’s charts), and his third, “Prism” (which made him the female artist to play. more records sold in 2013), to add 45 million copies sold in his career, according to figures from his record company.

In August 2020, she gave birth to her first daughter, the result of her relationship with actor Orlando Bloom, and released her latest studio album on the market, ‘SMILE’, with a collection of songs that, she confessed, she had written when was in its “darkest moment” after the commercial failure of the previous ‘Witness’ (2017).


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