January 23, 2021

Karyn Kusama, a woman to direct everything | Culture

Karyn Kusama, a woman to direct everything | Culture

In photo: Nicole Kidman, in a frame of 'Destroyer'. In video: the trailer of the movie.

I could not do it anymore He had the flu, tiredness and hardly had any gram of energy left. Nicole Kidman has reported that, towards the end of the shoot, I could not stand it anymore. In addition to his illness, the tons of pain of his character weighed on his shoulders. "I believe it", grants the guilty, the director Karyn Kusama (San Luis, USA, 1958). "I had a misconception about her, maybe because of her classic beauty or her roles, of one of those interpreters that only plays the necessary hours. However, for this film she has become an actress of the method. Erin was always with her. It must be exhausting to live installed in that despair ", adds the filmmaker. First, Kidman surprised his director. Then, to the critics. Now, it's the turn of the public: Destroyer: a wounded woman opens tomorrow Friday in Spain. And with it, a demolished and enraged protagonist, as tough as the treatment he received from life, in search of revenge. Or, at least, a truce with his demons.

Many US media have already ruled that it is the "most impactful role of Kidman's career". But for Kusama the astonishment came much earlier. "When I read the script, I was fascinated. He focused on a woman he had not seen: he had so many secrets, shame, anger, pain. There are often characters who fight alone against the world, but she fights against herself, "he says. This is Erin Bell, a detective who reconnects with a group of criminals and drug addicts in which he had infiltrated years before for a covert operation. The past knocks on his door, with a corpse, a gun and a wad of stained dollars. And Bell goes into that abyss, determined to settle accounts with him.

The boot starts the mystery and the hunt for the protagonist. Although, at the same time, it supposes another declaration of intentions: the one of the own director. "Part of the magic of cinema is to perceive a point of view. In the United States it is often monolithic: the films begin, follow and end in the same way. For some time now I understand and celebrate that I have my own perspective, what I want to do and see, " explains Kusama. Hence, aesthetics, rhythm or certain planes of Destroyer They also serve to affirm that there is a firm and convinced hand behind the wheel.

Karyn Kusama, during the filming of 'The invitation'.enlarge photo
Karyn Kusama, during the filming of 'The invitation'.

Another thing, yes, is that the course is appropriate. Destroyer she dances on a subtle line, according to US reviews: some applaud her for "ambitious"; others call it "pretentious." Kusama embraces everything with a smile: "For me it is an honor to enter the pretentious club. Normally, it is exclusive to men. All I want is to be brave, try new things, to meet my own demands. It may sound pretentious, and it may be. But what really offends me and scares me is the desire not to offend. "

Of course, the tour of Kusama attests to his intentions. In an ideal world, it would be normal. But in the real, the obvious is as much a rarity as a polar star for other directors: the filmmaker has faced an independent drama about boxing (Girlfight), science fiction (Aeon Flux), the horror (Jennifer's Body) before launching to the thriller with The invitation and the wild Destroyer Something almost unpublished for a creator that is not named Kathryn Bigelow, even more if seen from Spain. Nor are there many producers willing to deliver several million euros to a filmmaker's project.

She, in any case, is very clear about her path and how to defend it: "There are people who help to build a film but it does not contribute to its creative value, sometimes someone whose criteria you do not respect tells you what to do, others, a good idea comes of the most unexpected person, or a lousy one from someone you love, I have improved both when saying 'no' and 'yes'. Even more after Aeon Flux: Kusama fought as he could with Paramount to maintain control of the film and, incidentally, learned the moral. "I do not think I'll ever work again in a movie where I do not have the final word," he sums it up.

Maybe Kusama, along with Patti Jenkins of Wonder Woman or Lynne Ramsay's Actually you were never here , be part of the change towards more inclusion and diversity. But the creator adds another need to the fight: "Of course we need more women and that there is machismo and misogyny in the industry. But what I would like, in general, is that there would be more opportunities to be an author. More directors are needed, men and women, dedicated to protect their film and ready to fight. " As his character. Like your movies.


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