Wed. Jan 29th, 2020

Karl Shiels, dies at age 47

The Irish actor Karl Shiels He died "suddenly" at age 47 while he slept. Lisa Richard, Shiels' agent, was the one who reported the "sudden" death through a statement to the Irish television RTE, where he lamented the loss of his "client and friend". "Karl was a talented person, intense and at the same time pure of heart, funny, sharp and extroverted," says the agent. One of the roles that are most known to Shiels are those played in the first season of
Peaky Blinders
and in the movie
Batman Begins

According to a witness mentioned by the
, during his last days, the actor walked with crutches and fell asleep on the set. The witness also emphasizes that Shiels suffered "intense pains", although sources close to him specified that he died without suffering.

According to a witness cited by the 'MailOnline', during his last days the actor walked on crutches and fell asleep on the shootings

The news of MailOnline It also explains the complaint of a friend of the actor for the lack of interest shown by Shiels. "None offered to help him or asked him if something happened to him, they just talked about him behind his back."

The actor's journey through the world of interpretation began late. He left his job as an electrician to start in the 90's his career at the School of Acting Gaiety, coming to appear in movies as Intermission or Capital Letters, for which he was nominated for an IFTA for Best Actor in 2004. He also played different roles in series such as Doctors, The Tudors or Foyles.

The witness also stressed that the actor suffered "intense pain", although close sources said he died without suffering

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