Karim Benzema, the fifth midfielder of Madrid | sports

Karim Benzema, the fifth midfielder of Madrid | sports

The football industry is not capable of producing more hyperbolic euphoric states than certain victories of Real Madrid. The triumph in Cornellá, this Sunday (2-4) unleashed one of those vibrations that hook the nerve of crowds. Lucas Vázquez, main piece in the scheme of the team in the last months, synthesized this feeling when leaving the shower: "Benzema is showing that it is the best nine of the world".

Karim Benzema participated in three of Madrid's four goals. He pushed the 0-1, put the 1-3 with a superb touch, and unleashed the move of Bale 1-4. Along the way he gave 53 correct passes: one less than Modric. An unpublished figure during his career in the Spanish League. Circumstance that explains the ease with which his team dominated Espanyol at the same time that he doubts his true nature as a footballer.

Designed from the board to get the ball played and look for the back of Varane and Ramos with three attackers who were left hanging, Espanyol was focused on a problem without solution. From the outset, Madrid invaded the field with eight players -even the wingers, Reguilón and Carvajal, jumped to press up-. Between all they covered the exit of the ball, they isolated to the attackers and they left in inferiority to means. Roca, Darder and Álex López were overwhelmed by Casemiro, Mordic, Vázquez, Kroos and Benzema, who served as fifth driver. Match the opponent, the presence of Benzema in intermediate zones deepened the disorder of Espanyol and gave continuity to the plays of Madrid.

Endowed with the intuition of the unmarked, Benzema offered his defenses and his fliers to start the attacks. As much or more than Modric and Kroos, the Frenchman was the first pass option of his teammates each time they recovered the ball. Their precise combinations contributed to wear Espanyol where it becomes strong, with the control of the ball around Marc Roca. This became especially evident from the 0-2 of Ramos. With the wind in favor and the opponent stunned, Benzema shone with more strength than ever. Even like nine. "I am a nine with soul of ten"He said when leaving the dressing room, according to his broken finger in the Benito Villamarín and gave faith:" It hurts, but I forget "

The enigma does not dissipate after a decade in the League. If he is a center forward, his nature was deformed under the weight of demands that in Madrid pushed him towards organizational tasks. If the individual classifications can be measured in a more or less quantifiable influence capacity, their situation as ten equals marginality. The statistics force us to think that if it's a nineIt is not the best in the world; and if he's a playmaker, either.

If center forward, position that is validated with the goal, Benzema ranks 39th in the ranking with one goal every 185 minutes this season. In the five major European leagues there are 38 players with the best goal average.

If he is a midfielder, a position that is recognized with goal chances created and assists, the statistic indicates that in Europe there are 16 players who create more chances than him, which adds 1.48 per game. In terms of assists, up to 29 players in the big leagues account for more than Benzema, who only has two in 21 games. Up to Maxi Gómez, Celta, a team in trouble, surpasses him with five goal passes without being hit, or playmaker, or even a nine very gifted

Technically it can be the most complete footballer in Madrid. But he never had the goal or the ambition of Cristiano, nor unbalanced like Marcelo, nor reached the regularity of Modric when he tried to teach the way to his teammates.

Benzema reflects exactly the current situation of Madrid. Their numbers do not translate their value, since it suffers the burden of a context in decline. Without being the most outstanding of the champion team of the four Champions now that they come badly given has bandaged the broken finger and has omitted the operating room because without it the machine stops. The defeat suffered in Leganés in the Cup (1-0), the last time he did not play, proves his fundamental character. In the realm of irregularity, this calm poet seems up to constant.

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