"Karim, a match to frame"

"Karim, a match to frame"

Benzema yesterday achieved something that has cost him a lot since he came to Real Madrid: to put everyone in agreement. After his superb performance in the Espanyol stadium there were no discrepancies. From the coach to the last of his companions praised the deployment of the Frenchman in one of his most complete nights since he dressed in white. Nor will there be dissidents among the fans, because even the most critical could not find one but after what was seen yesterday. He scored two goals, with which he reaches fifteen this season and becomes the top scorer of the squad, but his double was not the most important. What was really key is that he was in all areas of attack of Real Madrid and each of the decisions he made were right. With a touch and with his clairvoyance he disbanded Espanyol and was activating his teammates. Lucas Vázquez, Modric, Bale thanked him when he entered the second half and Vinicius, who left the ball to Gaul for his second goal. "He is a crack and he has made a match of those that he will never forget. It is very easy to get along with him on the pitch and he has done everything possible to help me in my adaptation, "admitted the Brazilian, who does not see himself as a starter right now. «I am not, you must play the one that is better in each moment. I just arrived ", he explained with a not very usual maturity at 18 years old. Madrid did not need a huge match of his young pearl because Benzema led a performance of the highest level of all Madrid.

The whites, of red in the Cornellà neighborhood yesterday, have been three games close to the standout, although for Solari things were already doing well before. "We believe that we have been working well for some time now, although it is true that the last matches have been very good. In days like that, the merit lies entirely with the players, who worked hard, pressed, went deep … It was a very complete match, we must congratulate all of them, "summed up the coach, who was not surprised by what he saw of Benzema. the grass. «He has completed a match to frame. It is not a novelty. It comes playing at a very high level. I'm not surprised, but I do enjoy it, just like all the fans, not just the Real Madrid fans, "Solari pointed out.

Benzema not only spoke on the field with his football, after the shower admitted that it is surely his best moment in Madrid. «I'm very confident. I'm not going to operate my finger; in the field I only think about playing and that's how the pain goes. " confessed the French, captain after the substitution of Ramos, who scored again and stayed out at the break after a kick from Sergio Garcia.


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