Kanertika, the most anticipated gift this Christmas - La Provincia

The erotic shop Kanerotika Comes soon 15 years offering different gifts to experiment with the senses, with two establishments in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. In its establishments on Viera and Clavijo and Juan Manuel Durán streets, Kanerótika offers the most anticipated gift to leave under the tree this Christmas.

Kanerótika Las Palmas is a store created by and for women that has established itself on the island as leading company in sexual and erotic toys, with a range of products for eroticism and sex in a catalog with thousands of lingerie items, costumes, stimulators, costumes, fetishes, bondage, and all possible items to make any fantasy come true.

With professionalism and discretion as hallmarks, the variety offered by Kanerótika allows you to experience and enjoy the senses, becoming a different and fun option to give away this Christmas.

Erotic shop 24 hours

With physical stores and online store, Kanerótika is open 24 hours a day to offer its customers a way out of the routine, with a gift to surprise and to make these parties an opportunity to try on eroticism and sex. With the toy store as one of its star products, the possibilities for him, for her and as a couple also contemplate memory silicone, liquid vibrators, G-spot creams, suckers, enhancers and stimulators for both sexes, which are part of a constantly updated cataloge to always offer the latest in the market.

With a professional team of "Asexoras", Kanerótika has become a reference in kits and toy store on the island, with a service of home delivery and 15 years sharing joys and creating new experiences in their clients.

From fantasy to reality

The Kanerótika team, in addition to the online store and the physical advice and sales service also offers event and celebration organization services. In this sense, the imagination falls short, since they are specialists in making any wish come true for anniversaries, bachelor parties, divorce celebrations, birthdays or group parties. In addition, the "Asexoras" of Kanerótika are also specialists in the Tuppersex service, with attention to groups and with a wide range of products where they explain from the most traditional options to the most innovative in the market.

A different gift

Fun, complicity, experiment, taste, enjoy and surprise are some of the emotions that a gift from Kanerótika awakens, which reinforces its efforts to attend Christmas shopping. From erotic toys, to lingerie, aphrodisiacs, oils and lubricants, preservatives, games and grocery items, Kanerótika's thousands of products adapt to all profiles, needs and tastes.

Dance bars, fun items and bachelor parties, erotic bookstore, sweets, body dyes, parapharmacy products, special Valentine's Day, for preliminary games, massagers, are just some of the examples of the range of articles of the best brands of the market that Kanerótika has, which advises and sells with the guarantee of a comfortable, safe and discreet purchase.

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