Kaia Gerber joins the "tattoo" fever

The Kaia Gerber model has joined the "tattoo" fever and has shown its last impression on the skin. Although it is not usually very common in a profession like yours, the truth is that more women and men are tattooed on the catwalks.

They are more daring, chest, back or forearms may appear exposed with tattoos difficult to hide. Twins and legs are usually other star places to wear a "tattoo".

The models, on the other hand, opt for small details, where small stars are usually the most common choice in feet and wrists.

The truth is that not all firms like to make visible the tattoos that their models wear. Chanel, for example, uses the transgressive image of actress Kristen Stewart, but none of the campaigns of which she is an ambassador appear, at the moment, the tattoos she has on the skin of her arms.

Kaia Gerber is also a Chanel model. In addition to being one of the usual models in their parades, Gerber was an image of the 2018 handbag campaign, in which she wore a mini strap dress, a time when no tattoo adorned her body.

The young model, daughter of Cindy Crawford, now boasts "tattoos" on her Instagram account, although it is not the first time a drawing is part of her skin. A heart on the upper arm was his first foray into this section.

The acronym "ES" is also engraved on the upper part of its left elbow, while some hard-to-identify symbols are discovered in its left shoulder blade.

Now, the model has tattooed just on one side a face with wings, an image with eyes closed, sweet and somewhat larger than the rest of her tattoos.

Cara Delevingne was a pioneer when climbing the catwalks with her tattooed body. His rebellious attitude marked a before and after in the parades. In the fingers, in the neck, in the ear or in the hands, the model does not hide her fondness for this fashion.

More discreet Kate Moss looks shamelessly at the image of two seagulls right where her back ends and a small anchor next to her right hand.

The Brazilian Gisele Bündchen did not wait to get off the catwalks to wear a discreet star inside her wrist and flirty drawings also of stars next to a crescent next to the Achilles heel.

Erin Watson is another of the amateur models of this technique that looks in her arms in the form of phrases, hearts and symbols that mean a lot to her.

The Polish model Zosia Cychol is a regular of the international catwalks, in Spain she has recently paraded at 080 Barcelona for Oscar León, where she has worn a tattoo with the face of singer David Bowie on her left arm, while on the right she has drawn a Woman with covered eyes and red lips.

The Spanish 'top model' Miriam Sánchez does not hesitate to wear a beautiful lion's head on her forearm and a delicate red rose just below: a strong and powerful image that does not hide in any of its parades.


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