Sun. Apr 21st, 2019

JxCat "respects" Pascal's position, but responds that his priority is "the country, not the parties"

JxCat “respeta” la posición de Pascal, pero responde que su prioridad es “el país, no los partidos”

Shaking in today's diffuse post-convergence space. The words of the senator and former general coordinator of the PDECat, Marta Pascal, to The vanguard, slipping the option of creating a new party to protect a space of a pragmatic independence movement, which he sees as "orphan", has received a diaphanous response from the sector closest to the ex presidents of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont.

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"Our priority is the country, not the parties", underlined the vice president of PDECat and number three of JxCat for Barcelona, Míriam Nogueras, that after admitting that Pascal had not advanced his positioning to the PDECat leadership, has broken down in three the objectives of his training: "Win to reinforce a project that we believe is good; be next to the prisoners and exiles; and continue to denounce the repression. "

Nogueras, in this sense, has wanted to lower the position of Pascal, and has argued that "everything that the PDECat has decided is approved by a broad consensus of the associates and the management bodies".

"The party is not sectarian, we will not shoot anyone," the vice president of PDECat also pointed out, to emphasize that "there is a lot of people in the JxCat space and that is where we find the largest majority of our bases". "Our will is to add", Nogueras continued, defending the "generosity and coherence" of his party.

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