Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

JxCat offers to facilitate a government of Pedro Sánchez

JxCat se ofrece a facilitar un gobierno de Pedro Sánchez

Delete the word blockade and leave without previous deletions the screen of the State-Generalitat dialogue through the way of negotiation without conditions to find an exit to the entrenched Catalan territorial crisis. Junts per Catalunya is presented to general elections of 28-A as the voice of the prisoners and these, from the Soto del Real prison, they call, in an article in The vanguard, to dodge two colors: red lines and blank checks.

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And is that the list heads by Barcelona, ​​Lleida and Tarragona to Congress, Jordi Sànchez, Jordi Turull and Josep Rull; and the candidate for the City Council of Barcelona, Joaquim Forn -The four in provisional prison- advocate "doing politics" to "unblock" the Catalan conflict, if necessary facilitating a stable government of Pedro Sánchez. A return to the fleeting formula of the motion of censure against Mariano Rajoy that ended up breaking months later after the veto on budgets.


The prisoners of JxCat maintain that the defense of self-determination will not be an "insurmountable barrier if there is a willingness to dialogue"

The approach of the prisoners is "not look the other way to make a stable government possible" and the condition is no longer the holding of a referendum or negotiate it, but that Sánchez "does not deny" the consultation "as one of the solution options " However, it is not considered as an unrenounceable requirement. In the article, the independence leaders point out that the defense of self-determination will not be an "insurmountable barrier if there is a willingness to dialogue". "Being firm and coherent does not mean being inflexible," they say.

In fact, at the beginning of the campaign, a letter was read by Jordi Sànchez in which he assured that JxCat would leave the skin to reach agreements in Madrid. The party is defined as a useful vote to act as a parapet against an alliance of the three rights and the temptation of a PSOE-Cs pact.

The prisoners of JxCat do not want their situation to condition the electoral campaign or the subsequent political strategy. Even so, they do not renounce having a role. Yesterday, the defense of Turull, Rull and Sànchez asked the Supreme Court that their sponsors could respond to interviews and press conferences, as well as record electoral spots, from the seat of the high court during the minutes prior to the start of the trial sessions or in the midday recesses. Proposal that arrived the day after the Electoral Board already ruled out the possibility of holding debates inside the prisons

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