JxCat hardens its position and will vote 'no' to the alarm status decree

JxCat has decided to strengthen its position before the Government of Pedro Sánchez and has announced that it will vote 'no' to the decree of state of alarm next Wednesday, at the same time that it has demanded that the Generalitat of Catalonia have "full powers" to manage the process deconfusion.

In a statement, JxCat spokeswoman in Congress, Laura Borràs, has denounced that this state of alarm represents "a 155 health", since it "prioritizes recentralization instead of efficiency to combat the COVID-19 pandemic" .

"Our position has been abstention in the last two extensions of responsibility, although we asked for greater rigor and speed in the plan of confinement, which came late and badly," he said.

However, according to Borràs, "after the latest events such as the relaxation of the confinement, the statements by the Prime Minister of Saturday and the Chief of Staff of the Civil Guard, everything seems to indicate that fundamental rights such as freedom of expression".

For this reason, JxCat will vote 'no' to the extension of the state of alarm this Wednesday in Congress, since, according to Borràs, "another state of alarm is possible: returning the powers to the Generalitat and allowing the lack of control to be done following the plan that the experts have elaborated for the Generalitat ".

"Proximity, decentralization and transparency are the most efficient and democratic way of dealing with the coronavirus pandemic," he insisted.


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