Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

JxCat, ERC, CUP and family members demand the immediate release of the CDR prisoners

JxCat, ERC and the CUP They presented on Tuesday at a press conference the joint resolution proposal that requires the release of seven members of the CDR arrested accused of terrorism on September 23 in the framework of the Judas operation. They have also done so with the presence of family members and the support group against the defendants.

The text of the motion for a resolution also calls for the approach to Catalan prisons of prisoners and, after all, the archiving of the cause of terrorism. "They are political prisoners, without distinctions of the imprisoned politicians," the three parliamentary groups have concluded, although the text of the proposal does not include – reprisals are written – and Esquerra wanted to avoid the "semantic debate."

The document will be taken to the plenary next week and the three independent groups have expressed their "confidence" that the commons, who have been present at the meetings with family members and their support group, also join the vote.

"It is a state operation against independence and serious irregularities have been committed in arrests, transfers and interrogations," he has reproached Aurora Madaula (JxCat). “The National Court abuses the concept of terrorism for causes that have just been filed,” has been followed José Rodriguez (ERC), remembering the cases of Tamara Carrasco, the puppeteers of Madrid, 15M or many tweeters. In fact, the document "condemns the politicization and opacity" of this court. Maria Sirvent (CUP) has warned that before the “offensive of the State” they will send the content of the vote of this resolution to international instances “to denounce the oppressing State”.

"Our children are not terrorists, we ask for the freedom of the detainees and the case file, that this nightmare ends soon," lamented Ferran Jolis, father of one of the imprisoned CDRs, who has criticized a "brutal violation of fundamental rights ”And has come to point out that“ psychological methods of torture ”have been used against their children. "Our relatives are not terrorists, they are not an armed gang, nor are there any crimes they are accused of," added David Ros, uncle of an incarcerated person. Finally, from the support group they have defended their CDR status and have ensured that they will remain intensely mobilized while they remain in prison.

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