JxCat criticizes the recentralization of competencies: "They have taken the opposite path"

"What sense does it make that the State has withdrawn the powers in health from the Generalitat when we have the experience of having carried them out for more than 40 years?", He replied in the appearance by videoconference of President Quim Torra and the presidents of the groups of the Parliament.

Likewise, Batet has stated that this Wednesday's session that was held by videoconference should have been held in plenary in a telematic format: "We cannot have democracy in quarantine. In the 21st century, telematic activity is completely habitual and the Parliament, as institution, must guarantee the preservation of democracy also in exceptional situations like this. "

"Parliament must be active and give a quick response to this situation of health and economic crisis that we suffer. Catalonia is a technological and digital country, and the Parliament must be a reflection of it", Batet has considered, reaffirming JxCat's will to modify the Regulation of the Parlament.

Batet has also ensured that the Government of the Generalitat is following the criteria of the scientific community when taking measures to combat the virus: "The Government is at the forefront in taking drastic measures based solely on the criteria of experts, without any political drift. The scientific community assures us that confinement is a necessity and the best antidote to stop the virus. "


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