JxCat councilors highlight the work of the Government and Torra since 2018

The six councilors of JxCat of the Government have highlighted this Saturday the work of the Catalan Executive and its president, Quim Torra, from 2018 to the present, and have defended the advances and projects promoted from their conselleries in individual speeches in the act 'A punt' of the coalition, in Barcelona.

The Minister of the Presidency and spokesman for the Government, Meritxell Budó, has especially highlighted the agreement reached to approve the budget law, which several of the councilors have also referred to highlight increases in the items of their respective consellerias.

According to Budó, the management of the last few years shows that they are prepared to govern Catalonia after the elections: "From the Government of Catalonia, from the consellers and councilors headed by the president of JxCat, we are ready."


The Minister of Interior of the Genralitat, Miquel Buch, explained that in June 2018, when he acceded to the position, he found a “security system in crisis” as a result of economic adversity, a situation that they have tried to reverse with 1,500 mossos more and 500 more firefighters, among other measures.

Budó and Torra thanked "the enormous exercise of the independence unit and the enormous exercise of responsibility" that he has carried out with the budgets these last two weeks.


The Minister of Enterprise and Knowledge of the Generalitat, Àngels Chacón, explained that the Government has opted for knowledge as a determinant of competitiveness, a premise that they have incorporated into the budgets, and for making state-of-the-art technology accessible to small and medium Catalan company.

In addition, he has argued that governing to boost the economy and competitiveness is not at odds with defending human rights: "Make no mistake, we know how to do everything at once."


The Minister of Digital Policies and Public Administration, Jordi Puigneró, has underlined the weight that digital technologies have had on the Government's agenda, and has maintained that, in addition to contributing to improving people's lives, they have an impact on the way how sovereignty is exercised: "We are ready to manage the republic. And allow me: a republic that will be digital or will not be."

He has also addressed Torra: "You are an example of what it means today to bet on democracy, and JxCat we work to make a more democratic country."


The Minister of Territory and Sustainability of the Generalitat, Damià Calvet, has underlined the improvements that the budgets of the Government will bring to the public, but has regretted that they do not incorporate the management of all the resources because Catalonia is not an independent State: "The budgets of our life will be the budgets of the republic. "

He has also addressed the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, in response to the proposal to negotiate improvements for railway infrastructure in Catalonia: "When I want to talk about Rodalies, I say it with all due respect, before I start asking for forgiveness."


The Minister of Culture of the Generalitat, Àngela Villalonga, has praised "the effort and responsibility of President Torra and the work of the Minister Budó with all the teams of all departments" in the preparation of budgets, which according to her place culture as an element of social cohesion by exceeding the threshold of 300 million euros of investment.

He also referred to the agreement to make Barcelona cultural cocapital announced by Sánchez and the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau: "Some need to make agreements to demonstrate the cultural cocapitality of Barcelona. We do not need to make agreements, we know that Catalonia has the capital that we deserve. "


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