JxCat charges against the ERC agreement because it is "insufficient for Catalonia"

JxCat spokeswoman in Congress, Laura Borràs, today charged against the agreement that ERC has reached with the Government to abstain in the vote of the extension of the state of alarm, since this pact "maintains subordination to Madrid" and the consideration obtained is "clearly insufficient for Catalonia".

Borràs wanted to make it clear that this agreement "may be legitimate" for ERC, but it is "clearly insufficient" for JxCat and, after showing his "utmost respect for everything the republican formation does", he recalled that "the party agreements they are not government. "

"The agreements reached by the parties that are part of the Govern, if they are not agreed, do not compromise it," he said.

The JxCat deputy has assured that she "surprises" that ERC has been able to reach agreements that are "insufficient for Catalonia" after how the Government has acted, taking away powers from the Generalitat during the state of alarm.

This pact, Borràs has stated, only incorporates one of the 40 socioeconomic measures that President Quim Torra asked President Pedro Sánchez to reactivate the Catalan economy and talks about issues such as the European restructuring fund, for which "a commission already exists specific and a working group to see how this aid will be distributed. "

In addition, Borràs added, "we are told of a phase 3, which we will most likely not arrive in Catalonia in fifteen days."

For the JxCat spokeswoman in Congress, conditioning the agreed measures to "whenever possible makes us fear that they will not be fulfilled", since they are agreements that "have no compensation for people" and may end up being "a new one in exchange for nothing from Pedro Sánchez ".

"His Government has lost all credibility, as could be seen in the management of the last extension, hiding the pacts from one and the other voting partners," said Borràs, who sees "evident" that this extension "means maintaining subordination to Madrid".

ERC has announced today that it will abstain in the sixth extension of the state of alarm that the Government will present on Wednesday in Congress, after closing an agreement with the Executive of Pedro Sánchez, which will allow, in return, that the autonomies gain responsibilities in the de-escalated and participate in the management of the European reconstruction fund.

The agreement, which must be ratified next Monday by the ERC executive, also states that the Government will promote the changes to ensure a benefit to the workers of companies in the Conca d'Òdena, in the Igualada area (Barcelona), who live outside the area and that they were unable to enter work when the territory was confined, among other measures.

Esquerra, in addition, has stressed that, despite not appearing in the written agreement, the Executive of Pedro Sánchez "has already publicly expressed his will to reconvene the negotiating table between the Govern and the state government once the pandemic between in the 'new normal' phase. "


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