August 12, 2020

JxCat and ERC agree on a resolution to reject the King for "pressurizing" companies

JxCat and ERC have agreed on a new resolution proposing to reprove the King for "participating" in the "coordinated campaign of political pressures to economic entities" after the 1-O to leave Catalonia.

The motion for a resolution on "the State operation to destabilize the Catalan economy", agreed by JxCat and ERC, will be voted on by the Parliamentary Commission and Knowledge Commission, Digital Digital has advanced and Efe sovereign sources have been confirmed.

The text also proposes to reject the "actions led and protected" by the then Minister of Economy, Luis de Guindos, to "organize the concerted withdrawal of deposits from various state agencies," in order to "trigger a flight of capital that would force the main banking institutions to change their headquarters outside Catalonia ".

The resolution "condemns the campaign to destabilize the Catalan economy by the Government of the State during last October of 2017" and the "instrumentalization of the State's banking deposits to create instabilities, and the pressures to companies and economic organizations to move its headquarters ".


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