Justice will order the registries that facilitate the change of name to the transgender minors

Justice will order the registries that facilitate the change of name to the transgender minors

The General Directorate of Registries and Notaries, under the Ministry of Justice, will issue an instruction to all civil registries to facilitate all transgender minors who can change their name in the registry and does not depend on their criteria.

This has been explained to Efe, Natalia Aventín, representative of the Family Association of Chrysallis Transsexual Children, who has indicated that this commitment has been acquired in the meeting held today with the Minister of Justice, Dolores Delgado, and the general director of Registries and Notaries, Pedro Garrido.

Aventín has that it is a "patch to make life easier for transgender minors", while Law 3/2007 is being processed to rectify the mention of sex and name, with the aim that they can register "in an end-of-course trip, pick up a package in the post office or do a lot of work without having to expose your privacy ".

Sources of the department that Dolores Delgado directs have explained to Efe that the instruction that they intend to issue soon will be limited to the name and not to the sex because it is the "most urgent".

And this is because the change of sex is contemplated in a bill to amend the current regulations and that is in the phase of amendments in the Justice Commission of Congress, after the House approved its processing in November last year.

The approved text intends to introduce three substantial changes in the legislation, the first of which seeks that transgender minors can change their name and gender in the Civil Registry: if they are 16 or older they could submit the application themselves, while for below that age it would be their parents who requested the change.

The second modification of the law would be to "depathologize" transsexuality, that is, to end the requirement of presenting medical or psychological reports to demonstrate sexual identity. In this way, personal self-determination would be the only necessary requirement.

Finally, the proposed law advocates that foreign transsexual residents can modify their name and sex both on the residence card and on the work permit.


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