December 5, 2020

Justice will investigate the purchase of Dia and four other news




1. The Spanish Justice investigates the purchase of Dia by Fridman. The Spanish Justice investigates whether Russian billionaire Mikhail Fridman acted through a "criminal corporate framework" to cause the fall in the price of the shares of the Dia group and take control of the company at a lower cost. In parallel, this Monday the tycoon has declared as investigated by the bankruptcy of the Zed group.

2. The debt of public administrations soars at almost 35,000 million in one year. The debt of all public administrations has reached a balance of 1.20 billion euros (1,200,006 million) in August, which is close to 98% of GDP and the historical maximum that it marked in the month of June (1,210 billion). What represents an increase of 2,196 million euros compared to July and of 26,703 million if we compare it with December 2018.

3. Spain closes 2018 with a deficit of 2.5% of GDP, the second largest in the Eurozone. The budget deficit of Spain has been placed at the end of 2018 at 2.5% of GDP, which represents a reduction of half a percentage point compared to the imbalance recorded the previous year. However, it still represents the second biggest imbalance between the Eurozone countries, only behind 4.4% of Cyprus and at the same level as France, according to data published by Eurostat.

4.Siemens Gamesa buys the on-shore service business of the German Senvión for 200 million. Siemens Gamesa has reached several binding agreements with the German wind group Senvion for the acquisition of the onshore services business in Europe and certain assets, as well as a plant in Portugal for an amount of 200 million euros, the company has informed this luens.

5. A son of Ruiz-Mateos returns to court for a possible fraud to the Treasury of one million euros. The Provincial Court of Madrid has started this Monday the trial against Pablo Ruiz-Mateos, son of the late of the controversial businessman José María Ruiz-Mateos, for defrauding the Treasury one million euros when conducting an operation with a company. The Prosecutor's Office has requested a penalty of five years and four months in prison for two crimes against the Treasury.

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