Justice suspends the postponement of the Catalan elections and maintains them on February 14

The Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) has suspended the decree of the Government of last Friday by which the elections to the Parliament of February 14 were suspended and its call for the next May 30 was announced. The decision of the judges is produced as a precautionary measure, so it is not final, in response to the appeals presented by an individual and extra-parliamentary parties.

In practice, the decision of the TSJC implies that the decree of December 21 that automatically dissolved the Parliament and set February 14 as the date of the elections is effective again. However, the judges emphasize that the suspension of the decree that postponed the elections is “instrumental” while the appeals are processed, and they do not anticipate whether they will maintain the return to the polls at 14-F or, once the case is thoroughly analyzed, electoral postponement.

The next judicial decision on the elections will be made later this week. The judges have summoned the Generalitat and the Prosecutor’s Office so that before Thursday at 10am. present their allegations for or against the decree of the Government that suspended the elections. It will be then, once the parties have been heard, when the Administrative Litigation Chamber of the TSJC returns to pronounce on the electoral postponement, in a resolution that, although it will not be final, will largely clear up the unknowns about the voting date in Catalonia .


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