Justice sentences the teacher of a school in Ceuta to 18 and a half years in prison for sexual crimes

Justice sentences the teacher of a school in Ceuta to 18 and a half years in prison for sexual crimes

The Justice condemns the teacher Alberto DB to 18 and a half years in prison for various sexual crimes, including the production of child pornography, possession of child pornography and sexual abuse of minors under 16 years of age. The Provincial Court of Ceuta considers it proven that the teacher at the San Agustín school in the autonomous city "took advantage of his status as a school teacher" to come into contact with his victims, who were between 13 and 15 years old. The Prosecutor's Office even asked for 66 years in prison for the accused, who is already retired, According to Europa Press.

The ruling states that once the trust of the students was gained, the condemned man "asked them" to send him "photographs of a sexual nature", reaching "to obtain photos of totally naked minors". The convicted person approached minors "through gifts and invitations to eat, both at the defendant's home and in restaurants," according to the sentence issued on Monday by the sixth section of Ceuta.

Among the gifts that the retired teacher gave to the minors were "turbo-type underwear and swimsuits." In fact, the victims came to try on that garment at the teacher's home, always according to the ruling consulted by elDiario.es. At that time he managed to capture photos and videos of these young people and kept them.

The proven facts also detail that Alberto DB came to shave, "including the genital area", adolescents. Likewise, "with the excuse of being his physical education teacher", he also performed "massages" on them. The magistrates emphasize that this action is framed "within an environment of abnormal intimacy that is reflected in the conversations held with the minors through the WhatsApp application of their mobile terminals." Some of the messages described in the sentence include expressions such as "I love you", "I'm going to be jealous", "when I had you in your underpants", "I'm crazy about you" and "I'm madly in love with you".

To access these young people, he used "daily and family communication with his students, in some cases even being a friend of their parents, to, at least since 2003, have access to the telephone numbers of minors and achieve, with libidinous spirit, a relationship and treatment that exceeded the friendly and reached the sentimental and sexual sphere", conclude the magistrates.

On repeated occasions, the judges insist that the condemned man took advantage of "his status as a school teacher." Along the same lines, he came to take photos of the students "with their torso exposed or performing striptease" in the center's facilities or during school excursions. "From his position as teacher, he accessed the changing rooms while the minors were showering and took the opportunity to see them naked, with the consent of one of them, as well as to take pictures of them without a shirt or in their underwear," reports the Provincial Court of Ceuta .

The teacher's behavior extended over time because some "older" students continued to send him "nude photographs and videos of themselves masturbating, on certain occasions in exchange for financial remuneration." At this point, the judges note that some adolescents had "already normalized" obtaining "benefits" derived from "sexual behavior." They reach this conclusion by taking into account that "since they were minors" they were subjected to this economic exchange.

This case was uncovered after the complaint filed by the mother of one of the victims, who was 13 years old when she began to exchange photographs with the teacher. The lawsuit caused the defendant's home to be searched and devices with WhatsApp conversations to be obtained, "as well as photographs of naked or scantily clad minors, and videos in which the genitals of minors can be seen" . In total, the magistrates calculate that through his devices he had "accessed at least 298 images on the Internet of apparently minors engaging in sexual conduct."

The sentence details the behavior of the condemned with several victims. In the case of the minor whose mother initiated the judicial procedure, the magistrates prove that the young man sent him "photos in a bathing suit or underpants." To these messages, the teacher replied with expressions such as "cucumber", "I like that you send me photos", "great body" and "top". The defendant came to take pictures of him at his home. In turn, he offered to buy her some slippers. In exchange for those clothes, they had a conversation "in which the minor offered himself to whatever he wanted", "giving him a free hand, to which Alberto replies 'but without questioning?'

In some cases, given the refusal of one of the minors to send him the photographs he requested, the retired teacher insisted that he send them to him. In other cases, when adolescents directed nude images "and with an erection", the convicted person replied with messages such as "great body" or "top model".

Despite the fact that the Public Ministry requested more than 60 years in prison, the Provincial Court finally sentenced him to seven years in prison for a crime of making child pornography, six years for a crime of making pornography, six months for a crime possession of child pornography and five years for a crime of sexual abuse. Added to this penalty is a 23-year disqualification from any profession that involves regular contact with minors.

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