Justice sentences a soldier to 23 years in prison for abusing two girls and sending them sexual videos

A parachutist from Land Army He has been sentenced to more than 23 years in prison for sexually abuse and sending pornographic videos and photos to two little girls in the Madrid town of Móstoles. The soldier, who has been in the Alcalá de Henares prison since last March, took advantage of the closeness with the families and his position as a physical trainer at the tennis club where both went to have constant sexual conversations with the two minors. age. He was detained in June 2018 at the Spanish base in Iraq, where he was posted at the time, when the family of one of the victims found out what was happening and denounced the events.

The sentence, to which elDiario.es has had access, explains that this soldier was almost 40 years old when he began to have sexual contacts with both girls. Member of the Almogávares VI Parachute Brigade (BRIPAC) and stationed in Paracuellos del Jarama, the soldier worked several days a week as a physical trainer at the 'Princesa' tennis club at the Andrés Torrejón sports center in the Madrid town of Mostoles. It was there that she met and established contact with the two girls, who had been coming to the sports center for years to practice tennis.

With one of the girls, who was then 11 years old, his relationship was especially close: he had been a close friend of his father since childhood. Circumstance that he took advantage of the pedophile, as proven by the Justice, to establish constant contact with her through the mobile phone. Loving messages in which he earned the "admiration" of his victim, according to the judges, explaining things related to his work as a soldier. Messages that turned into conversations with sexual content, pornographic videos recorded with his wife, video calls also with sexual content and demands that the girl also send him this type of material.

In the case of this first victim, the accused abused her, taking advantage of the fact that she had slept at his house one night. The second victim was a 13-year-old girl who also attended the same sports center and to whom the soldier also sent videos of sexual content, although he never got her to send him images as well. The pedophile completed this intersection of sexual messages and touching with affectionate messages and even gifts from the Army: badges with his name, t-shirts and, according to sources of the case, rings that he used in his jumps as a parachutist.

The parents of one of the girls discovered what was happening when they found one of them having one of these sexual conversations via mobile phone with the accused, whom they had known for years. They filed the complaint and, immediately, Judge Pablo Ruz, assigned then to a court in Móstoles, ordered his arrest. The investigation had to be transferred to the Spanish base in Besmayah, in Iraq, where the BRIPAC had been posted. a few days before. From there he had made the last sexual video call with one of the victims and right there the investigators seized his mobile phone.

Four years later, the Provincial Court of Madrid has endorsed the investigation carried out by Ruz, at the time an investigating judge in the Gürtel case and currently a member of the European Public Prosecutor's Office, and has imposed the highest sentence requested by the Prosecutor's Office: a total of 23 years and 2 months in prison for a crime of sexual abuse, two for corruption of minors, another for exhibitionism and two more for sexual provocation. He will also have to compensate one of his victims with 45,000 euros and 20,000 euros respectively and is prohibited from approaching less than half a kilometer from them.

As this newspaper has learned, the sentence was handed down in March and the Provincial Court decided a few days later that he would go to prison to wait behind bars for a final resolution, and since then he has been in the military prison of Alcalá de Henares. These same sources of the case explain that the pederast has already appealed his conviction before the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid and that the accusations have challenged his arguments.

Official data reveals that only in 2019 in Spain the courts convicted more than 500 people for sexual abuse of minors, the vast majority of them men. There were also more than 600 people convicted of prostitution and corruption of minors. In this case, the Madrid Court endorses the "credible" statement of the girls, corroborated by the testimonies of their relatives and the material that the Police found on the pedophile's mobile phone after he was arrested in Iraq and brought to Spain. He deleted more than 130 videos in the year and a half he was talking to the girls, but investigators found the same files on his and his victims' phones.

The victims, who testified before the judge during the investigation phase, were clear in their testimonies. "It's like a machine, he asked and I did," said one of them. "He abused my trust, my mind and my body," said the other. The sentence itself relates in its proven facts that its objective was to "trick" the girls with their sexual purposes, whose phones continued to receive messages from the pedophile even when their parents were denouncing the events at a Madrid police station.

The psychologists of the Child Sexual Abuse Intervention Center (CIASI) explained in the trial that the girls' testimonies were "credible" and that the dynamics of the convicted person was that of "seduction-infatuation" with them, which made both of them "emotionally hooked" More than enough arguments for the Court to consider the defendant guilty, who came to recognize part of the messages sent to the girls, apologized for the messages but blamed his pedophile behavior on his work in the Army. Both at the end and at the beginning of the trial, says the sentence, he "tried to causally link the facts with his professional activity in the Army", something that the forensic experts flatly rejected.

The Court of Madrid, with magistrate Tania García Sedano as rapporteur, explains that the aggravating circumstance of prevalence applies to the crime of abuse because "he was a friend of the family" and he took advantage of both that circumstance and his condition as tennis physical trainer in the sports center where they both attended. "The defendant imposed an abusive interpersonal relationship in which he objectified the minor," says the sentence, while pointing to the "manipulation and annulment" to which he subjected one of his victims and how "he manipulated what is a relationship of couple free and fully to achieve its goal".

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