March 3, 2021

Justice prevents the removal of the names of Francisco Largo Caballero and Indalecio Prieto from the Madrid street map

The contentious-administrative court number 30 of Madrid prevents the City Council from modifying the street map to remove the names of the socialists Francisco Largo Caballero and Indalecio Prieto. It is an order dated January 15 and responds to the request for a precautionary measure made by the UGT to nullify the agreement of the Plenary of the Madrid City Council that endorses these changes, which also include statues of the socialist leaders .

Largo Caballero no longer has a badge in Madrid

Largo Caballero no longer has a license plate in Madrid

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The order supports the precautionary suspension in “the annoyances and disturbances that would occur to the citizens involved by the change of name of the affected streets”, both to residents and to businesses and companies in the area.

The magistrate also emphasizes that it is better to stop the change until there is a pronouncement on the merits of the matter to “avoid the deterioration of municipal political credibility” if there is a “swing in the names of the streets in the event that the plates were removed and finally the final resolution “prevented it. Therefore, we will have to wait for the sentence to confirm whether or not the City Council will be able to remove the two socialist politicians from the street permanently as it intends.

The court order addresses the particular case of the Largo Caballero plaque located in the Chamberí district and already withdrawn. The uninstallation caused its damage and it is found currently heading into municipal warehouses. On this concrete, the court obliges the City Council to “preserve and protect it, at the expense of what is finally resolved in the judicial procedure” because “it is inventoried as a historical or artistic asset by the Madrid City Council itself.”

The removal of the bas-relief that paid tribute to the former president of the Second Republic on October 15, coinciding with the 150th anniversary of his birth, is in the hands of the courts also in other ways. The PSOE denounced Chamberí councilor Javier Ramírez for prevarication and Más Madrid has also brought the City Council to justice for executing the removal of the plaque, the work of a well-known Transitional sculptor (Pepe Noja), no file.

It is not the first time that Justice stops changes in the street. It also happened in the mandate of Manuela Carmena, when the City Council launched a group of experts to eliminate the vestiges of the Franco regime of the street.

A proposal from Vox

The changes in the street that have motivated this car have their origin in a proposal by Vox in the Madrid City Council that PP and Ciudadanos supported. The initiative was plagued with historical inconsistencies and reproduced “clichés of Franco’s propaganda,” according to an analysis backed by several hundred historians from Spanish and foreign universities. The approval emboldened the extreme right – in the following days the statues of the socialist leaders appeared vandalized – and the accelerated disassembly of the bas-relief of Largo Caballero, just two weeks after the approval of the Plenary, was interpreted as a triumph of its own on the part of those of Santiago Abascal.

This issue also opened a crack between the Government partners of the Madrid City Council. Ciudadanos, who supported Vox’s proposal to eliminate the socialist and Indalecio Prieto from the street, gave a swerve to their criteria and decided to move away from the historical memory of PP and Vox a few days later after the social, media and political repercussions of the decision. He will not participate, said Deputy Mayor Begoña Villacís, of any decision that affects historical memory.


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