Justice paralyzes the documents of the Imserso and the launch of 816,000 trips in October is in danger



The Central Administrative Court of Contractual Resources paralyzes the documents of the Imserso trips. In this way, it concedes the allegations made by the Valencian hotel management association Hosbec, which challenged them a few days ago on understanding that they “violated the law of public administration contracts.” This way, the launch of the 816,000 trips is in danger that the program has for the month of October, as the Government intends.

The Court’s decision is not a final decision. Now the Imserso has five days to present allegations and for there to be a final decision later, which now in the month of August could be delayed in time for the holidays. In addition, the door is opened for the program ended by being canceled, since the Court understands that the damages to the hotels would have a “difficult recovery”.

The Secretary General of Hosbec, Nuria Montes, has valued this precautionary stoppage, although she declares to ABC that “we are going to wait for it to resolve, which is the important thing.” “We are very clear that we have well-founded reasons and that we should not have reached this situation because we have tried to negotiate with the Imserso for a year. With this new management, we have not had negotiations despite the fact that hotels are the fundamental component of this program, “he complains.

For hoteliers there are three reasons why they contested the specifications. The first is the absence of a cost study. Hoteliers complain that the cost of the program is higher than the prices per stay they have to offer. The program sets a price of 46 euros for a double room, while the average prices in the winter season in the Valencian Community reach 64.4 euros. For Montes, these prices make it impossible for hotel employees to “collect the minimum wage.” Hosbec’s complaint was accompanied by a cost study carried out by the University of Alicante that “proves the Imserso’s breach of this requirement.”

The second reason for the complaint is that it excludes three-star hotels, when “they have been the ones that have historically adapted to this program,” explains Montes. In addition, the general secretary explains that the requirements established by the stars are different between the regions, and says that the specifications should be governed by “the services that the hotels have.”

The third and final reason for hoteliers is that the two planned extensions of the program do not foresee any type of economic review. Hoteliers do not understand why after the delicate situation they are in due to Covid, the price of travel does not change in the following years, despite the rise in electricity or inflation.

The Imserso’s trips have already started late, when the documents were published at the end of June. As reported by ABC, the tourism sector is
He was surprised by the reduction of places
at a time when tourism needed reactivation more than ever. Specifically, 122,000 places were cut and the number of stays went from 7 million to 6.1 million.

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