Justice offers a salary increase to the lowest categories of judges and prosecutors

Justice offers a salary increase to the lowest categories of judges and prosecutors

The Minister of Justice, Dolores Delgado, today offered to the associations of judges and prosecutors allocate 1.3 million euros to supplement with a single payment that would be charged next year the salary of the members of both races of lower category.

According to the Ministry in a statement after the meeting held with the representatives of the associations after the strike that took place on November 19, it intends to make "a budgetary effort" with judges and prosecutors who provide their services in judicial parties of smaller population, those that maintain the worse salary conditions.

Additional funds will be used from the salaries of both groups for 2018, and 908 prosecutors and 789 judges would receive 777 euros each in a single payment in 2019, computed as arrears for this year.

Assistants to the meeting consulted by Efe have not hidden their disappointment, remembering that the associations claim to recover the salary level they lost with the cuts applied during the crisis, and trust that in the next meeting, on January 10, the Ministry will be able to offer new improvements from the budgets of 2019.

Delgado, according to the Ministry, has also committed to recognize the right of prosecutors who occupy positions higher than their own to obtain the complement of destination of the position they actually perform.

It will therefore order the State Lawyers to desist from the appeals filed by the Government against the judgments that gave the green light to these rewards in specific cases, which will foreseeably have extensive effects to many other situations of this type, points out Justice.

The head of that department also reminded the associations that tomorrow will give the green light in Congress to the reform of the Organic Law of the Judiciary that will recover judges and prosecutors other labor rights cut, such as permits, paternity leave and disabilities temporary

As it passed through the Senate, the PP and Citizens included in that reform the change of election model of the General Council of the Judicial Power that associations demand, so that judges choose the majority of the members, but foreseeably that point will not be approved tomorrow in Congress.

The minister herself has defended today the current system of parliamentary election of the members and the socialists will vote against the reform that judges and prosecutors have demanded in the two joint strikes that they have carried out this year.


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