Justice of the Peace of Colombia gives Medellín ultimatum for graves in a slum

The Special Justice for Peace (JEP) on Wednesday urged the Mayor of Medellín to send him information in five days about the bodies found and identified in graves of the Commune 13, a neighborhood of that Colombian city struck by the armed conflict.

The Section of First Instance for cases of Absence of Recognition of Truth and Responsibility of the JEP ordered the court to provide "complete information on each and every one of the bodies found and identified of which it has knowledge in the Commune 13".

"This requirement is made within the framework of the request for precautionary measures that the JEP is considering taking in 16 areas of the country," the high court said in a statement.

The Commune 13 of Medellín was the scene between October 16 and 17, 2002 of the "Operation Orion", with which the Colombian Armed Forces sought to expel militiamen from the FARC guerrillas and the National Liberation Army from these neighborhoods (THE N).

According to human rights organizations, the operation, which was carried out with the help of paramilitary groups, left many dead and missing, who were reportedly buried in a landfill known as La Escombrera.


The Special Jurisdiction for Peace added that it has already decreed "precautionary measure of protection over some bodies guarded in the Laboratory of Anthropological Osteology of the University of Antioquia."

In this regard, the Secretary of Social Inclusion, Family and Human Rights of Medellín, Mónica Gómez, told reporters that "to date no requirement has been received by the JEP in relation to the case of missing persons in the Commune 13 ".

"Once this car is delivered to us, it is formally filed in the municipality, we will immediately do the corresponding according to the orders of the magistrate. It is necessary to clarify that the municipal administration intends to collaborate with the justice so that these victims find justice, reparation and true, "he added.


Last July, the Prosecutor's Office warned the JEP that in Commune 13 there may still be unidentified graves with victims of forced disappearance.

The inquiry is based on a request from representatives of the National Movement of Victims of State Crimes (Movice) and relatives of the disappeared, who asked the JEP to take precautionary measures in 16 places in the country where "presumed to be inhuman people" given as missing.

The plaintiffs requested the precautionary closure of the places known as 'La Arenera' and 'La Escombrera', where it is suspected that the bodies are buried so that "the Search Unit for Persons Disappeared (UBPD) can act in better conditions in these places "in the future.

In a car of this year, the Section of Absence of Recognition sent to several authorities "a database of victims of forced disappearance of the Commune 13 with 417 records, built by this Section and in the process of consolidation," added the JEP .


The high court ordered the Institute of Legal Medicine that "in the face of the serious loss of the forensic material collected from seven bodies of unidentified persons who were exhumed by the Prosecutor's Office in August 2003, indicate in detail" how the custody chain should be kept " of lost bone samples ".

He also asked to explain "who were the officials responsible for taking such samples, as well as their administration and care; what is the current status of the inquiries that have been advanced to try to locate them, and what they are and at what procedural stage they are the disciplinary investigations that have been promoted to determine those responsible for what happened. "

On the other hand, the JEP gave 20 days to the Government of the department of Antioquia, whose capital is Medellín, to build a proposal of "dignification and historical memory of the victims of forced disappearance in the Commune 13".


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